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Dress is wholesale! 1000 6 low handle fashionable sweater 0755-28274189

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[Sell] / dress is wholesale! 1000 6 low handle fashionable sweater 0755-28274189
Information money order:
Model norms:
The smallest ration: 500
Offer goods gross: 6000
Referenced price: 27 yuan /
Time wears on: 2008-9-9 18:07:20
Significant time: 2 months

Information introduces in detail

My company has a batch of high-grade and fashionable sweater 1000 6, design color is diversiform, garment body has all sorts of pattern, order bead, embroider, each independence packs 500 to rise batch, the detail lands me please advisory company website understanding or incoming telegram Miss Guo is other our company supply all the year round: Inventory dress, low dress, dress is wholesale, special offer dress, han edition dress, check inventory dress, inventory dress is wholesale, dress of foreign trade inventory, clothing reserve net, dress of stock foreign trade is wholesale, shenzhen inventory dress is wholesale, net of reserve of clothing of inventory dress China, shenzhen inventory dress, shenzhen clothing company

Contact information

Company name: Shenzhen city blocks contact of Bai Yi dress: Miss Guo
Phone: 0755-28274189 fax:
Mobile phone: 13798268346 Email: 754063923@qq.com
Q Q: 754063923 firms address: Edifice of letter of auspicious of town of auspicious of Shenzhen city cloth is lucky cabinet 1308 rooms