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ROHS/UL of attestation of FCC of attestation of coffee machine CE detects attest

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[Sell] / ROHS/UL of attestation of FCC of attestation of coffee machine CE detects attestation, 020-83742257
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Time wears on: 2008-9-9 17:35:23
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Information introduces in detail

Guangzhou card mark detects technical service limited company has the world to go up TUV PS of the most authoritative orgnaization, TUV Lai mattress, american UL, the lab of Canadian CSA accredit, still be UL orgnaization appoints CE to test a lab, undertake strictly administrative according to the quality standard of ISO/IEC 17025. 1. The RoHS environmental protection that reachs China to answer Europe asks, this lab and center of Chinese certificate of quality (the 32 RoHS attestation that CQC) autograph makes an appointment with detects orgnaization---Province electron electric equipment is supervised examine (CGEL) established relationship of RoHS lab partner, affirmatory with just, accurate, rigorous offer a product to detect for broad manufacturer with quick bearing, attestation and rectify and reform the service such as countermeasure; 2. Have the first-rate engineer team of international level, main engineer has experience of attestation of 3 years of big orgnaizations, the harden oneself that works through waiting for the collaboration of authoritative orgnaization and many international attestation to detect with American UL, TUV, extensive testimony engineers accumulated rich test experience; 3. The test asks the big orgnaization engineer such as TUV and UL to undertake witnessing a test, a large number of shortening attestation is periodic, attestation cost and can the spot has technical communication with big orgnaization engineer; 4. Attestation is quick, the client gives a data to be able to quote immediately, UL quote is the longest do not exceed 3 days, CE, the fastest a week can take RoHS attestation certificate and report, GS, UL obtains letter 4 weeks the most quickly; 5. Price privilege, offer free technology to seek advice, check freely beforehand, rectify and reform freely, the bag serves through waiting, the attestation that offers quick privilege for attestation client serves. Basically serve limits: Offer IT kind, home appliance kind, lamps and lanterns kind, phonic video / receiver kind wait for product certification.

Contact information

Company name: Guangzhou card mark detects contact of limited company of science and technology: Deng Xiaohua
Phone: 020-83742257 fax:
Mobile phone: Email:
Q Q: Firm address: Guangzhou city jumps over beautiful Ou Haoxian the road stands 101 numbers base business affairs building 9 buildings