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[Sell] / bull-puncher
Information money order:
Model norms:
The smallest ration: 0
Offer goods gross: 0
Referenced price: 0 yuan /
Time wears on: 2008-9-9 16:24:21
Significant time: 2 months

Information introduces in detail

My company has low of sweater of 80 thousand sweater wholesale, design has long sleeve, short sleeve, the vest. Contain delicate and manual technology, hammer bead and embroidery, price 5-9 yuan low processing, every independence is packed, assure quality, picture data can land me company website is examined or the incoming telegram seeks advice, also can come to see goods negotiate directly. Welcome to our company will see money, expect your incoming telegram! Business affairs QQ: 819258917 phones: 0755-82198200 contact: Liu gives birth to firm network address: HTtp://www.ly15.com firm address: Edifice of salangane of road of honored guest of area of Shenzhen city collect lake 1506 rooms

Contact information

Company name: Contact of limited company of liability of dress of Shenzhen city blue cloud: Liu Yofei
Phone: 0755-82198200 fax:
Mobile phone: Email: 309972508@163.com
Q Q: Firm address: Edifice of salangane of area of Shenzhen city collect lake 1506