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Reasonable inventory warehouse management is the key to deep learning

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Can not afford not to do sales of inventory, with inventory and fear the long-term backlog. Over the years, many business inventories remain high, take up a lot of liquidity, affect its development. Do not worry about volatile stock market has suddenly hot, missed opportunities due to insufficient supply. Has to do inventory? What is the ratio of stocks will be reasonable? This has become a big business owners troubled troubles. This issue, reporters and sanitary ware, ceramics, mosaic company CEOs to discuss inventory problems, share their experience in solving inventory. Product inventory should be Jie Shi Sanitary Ware Industrial Co., Ltd. Kaiping Kwong Yun Yao, General Manager Outlet are export-oriented enterprises most enterprises, export-oriented enterprises-order mode of operation is the production, that is, orders received before production, customers are normally given to the production of a longer period, these enterprises will be relatively much easier Zuolingkucun . The bathroom is clean outlet of the few who stick to one of national brand line, taking the traditional channels of marketing model, but now the business is very smart, taking the basic mode of operation is zero, the transfer of its own warehouse to the manufacturer, a manufacturer must have the order shipped right away, which gives manufacturers a great deal of pressure. Stock, takes a lot of liquidity, affect the development of enterprises, not to worry about volatile stock market has suddenly hot, missed opportunities due to insufficient supply. In order to follow the market development to meet the needs of merchants, who in order to clean the bathroom playing a first-class national toiletries brand, Jie Shi bathroom break obstacles to solving the inventory management of the rapid development of deciding whether the health problems, first Products, the production cycle is long, complex process of an ample supply of inventory, fewer equipment inventory and vice versa. Take for example flush valve, flush valve, compared with the leading process complex, accessories and more, the production cycle is long, it should be more prepared stock; followed by sales of equipment according to inventory, higher sales and more equipment, less the contrary, Jie Shi Sanitary Ware general standard is 80% of sales, prepare monthly inventory; addition, strengthening the warehouse with the Merchandiser of the docking, the products Jincang the warehouse to do to update, so keep records of database management software and warehouse data consistency, and arrange full-time staff to the warehouse checked regularly. Disabled bathroom clean of these measures makes the operation of the inventory system has been very stable. Warehouse management combined with the production and sales Ceramics Co., Ltd. Foshan Xiong Chong Luo Jian, general manager marketing hair Enterprise storage can be a direct response to the operating conditions of enterprises, to finished product warehouse, for example, product inventory goods and more likely that business sales cycle; product goods less inventory, indicating that the sales companies are busy, of course, can not be generalized. Warehouse management of the production and sale of the entire enterprise, so enterprises in the management of the warehouse to take into account many factors. Such as transportation, warehousing enterprises to easily accessible, so that will be shipped the goods sent out more quickly, saving customers time to stay, usually the most customer complaints is the slow delivery; location is also very important, most well is not too far away from the production line, thus saving logistics cost; there warehouse building, in fire, water, furnishings, personnel management, etc., are to be taken into account. Many ways to corporate management, warehouse management, too, and some enterprises in order to reduce the cost of risk at the end, do inventory, order it for production. Drawbacks of this approach is to reduce customer confidence in the enterprise, delivery time is too long, the usual practice is for SMEs. Large companies will do the general inventory, which is to do business channel, build brand position, the necessary road of bigger and stronger. Ceramic enterprises to achieve zero inventory, unless some OEM manufacturers or some ceramic processing enterprises can do, because they do not own product line, after receiving customer orders for production shipments. However, very few ceramic companies do zero inventory, and a production line of business is generally impossible to not in stock, the furnace can not stop, this is the special nature of ceramic production. Enterprise storage management combined with the production and sales, the male record is a professional production of ceramic tiles, the wall of the large-scale modern ceramic enterprise, the implementation of the "new strategy" has been in the industry to "promote the rapid development of new products" known. According to the characteristics of the ceramic industry, sub-peak and off-season. Analysis of market sales, sales made on the off-season than in previous years may be brought after the impact of warehouse inventory, and warehouse vacancies in high season arrives, reasonable arrangements for production, I think this is the warehouse of ceramic in the management of the most worthy of study the. (Finishing / paper in view of Foshan correspondent Wang) Sluggish sales from the homogenization of serious Rip, general manager of Lacquer Jingdezhen Ceramics Co., Ltd. Wah Ming Mosaic of the enterprises in our inventory considerations of the problem. Rip is a ceramics kiln to produce high-quality mosaic-based expertise, products are mainly used in hotels, homes, villas and gardens, and other architectural features, are specialty products, are generally to market ability. Since its inception in 2006, has been stable and quality win the market, which is the "Rip" product positioning. In order to meet market demand, "Rip" to tap Jingdezhen years of traditional craftsmanship, which can introduce more new features. Companies introduce new products have been naturally vulnerable to market acceptance, product inventory there will be no pressure. Other ceramic enterprises have sluggish sales for many reasons. Looking at the market, products follow the trend of the industry is very serious, and I never stopped. In recent years, China's accelerated pace of urbanization, growing demand for building materials, ceramics throughout the country many new industrial base, along with a large number of new ceramic enterprises put into production. Manufacturers more products to more, so companies do not have their own characteristics. In fact, reasonable inventory needs to be done is not difficult to see the enterprise market, the ability to grasp the degree and innovative enough. Only through constant innovation combined with markets in order to be accepted by the market and to sell more and better products, which form a virtuous circle, take the initiative. Conclusion ceramic enterprises in order to achieve a reasonable inventory, require in-depth understanding of the market, take demand. In addition to treating their own situation objectively, but also always concerned about the actions of competitors. It is necessary to understand the current market, but also understand the potential market. Under the strength to do a good job market research. Through in-depth investigation and really understand the market, which plans to develop a reasonable inventory of goods. Furthermore, we need to maintain close contact with distributors and interaction. Long-term dealers to consumers, their understanding of the market is more specific. Together with the distributors to develop a reasonable inventory levels, will be more scientific and more practical.