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"Foreign rubbish " popular dress exhibition doubt is goods in stock

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Yesterday morning, the reporter comes to the stall of dress of this foreign trade that Ms. Li mirrors this exhibition. Reporter discovery, stack of the hugger-mugger on this stall the dress, only one fraction is hanged on goods shelves. Dress caboodle became rise, although inconvenience chooses, but 10 yuan of prices still drew many people.

In succession of a grandma carried several, she tells a reporter, must carry carefully, buying old. "Since unwarrantable be new why to still buy? " the reporter asks. The aunt expresses, "Cheap, go back to be washed with alexipharmic bath went. " the reporter is informed her this already was the 2nd come round to buy.

"The dress is particularly much in the begining, these two days sell almost, what can choose is little. " see the reporter is interested, photograph of saleswoman smiling face is greeted, "It is dress of a few foreign trade, those who have Korea, Japan. " " how so cheap? " reporter one face is interrogative. "We the sample that this is processing. " look at a reporter to still have the meaning that should ask, this salesman said not to ask, other do not know.

The reporter chose a few dresses carefully to undertake examining, discover dress label is confused, although some dress have foreign language ticket, but did not indicate however the label paper shop sign that dress brand, fabrics, norms, catharsis shows, some dress do not have label paper card not only, and look from the exterior no matter or look to appear very old from the label inside the garment, unlike is new dress.

Subsequently, the reporter contacted Chang'an area industrial and commercial substation. The staff member tells a reporter, after they receive report a few days ago, be checked, "Discovering those dress is the goods of keep long in stock of a few stock only. "Discovering those dress is the goods of keep long in stock of a few stock only..

In interviewing, a personage inside course of study tells a reporter, latter " foreign rubbish " begin to get the attention of people. "Foreign rubbish " it is the old dress that collects from foreign hospital, Tophet, after exporting channel to obtain through foreign rubbish, domestic illegal element is machined a little, sell customer with relatively low price. "And these ' foreign rubbish ' some contains dermatosis bacterium, contagion, venereal even AIDS bacterium, just use disinfection to bath is washed and cannot exterminate its. Just use disinfection to bath is washed and cannot exterminate its..

■ warmth reminds:

How to discern old clothings

See dress button, slide fastener, old dress passes catharsis, its button slide fastener can lose luster mostly. 2 see dress cuff, collarband. The fabrics of these places meets old dress appear burnish, cottony, lose primary colors. 3 see trade mark, old dress brand is can curly, loose yellow hair of inclined, hair is old. 4 those who see dress is lock hemming, old dress passes catharsis for many times, seam often can fall off, lock hemming the appearance that can have a line. The 5 quality that see the clothes, although old dress is handled through catharsis, but still can find the besmirch that eliminates hard. "If suspicion is the old dress that old dress imports especially, again cheap and best also do not buy. Again cheap and best also do not buy..
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