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Inventory business chance is slight

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Merchandise stock keep long in stock, cause capital to suffer stranding is to make very much the thing that the enterprise has a headache. Nevertheless, this is ecbolic however only with " stock trade " the company team that make a living. Yesterday, yellow gentleman of personnel of business of foreign trade of trading company of Shanghai Na Sen stock tells " daily economy news " , inventory tastes commerce basically is the approach that takes small profits but quick turnover, because commerce content is agile changeful, market comfortable stress is strong, because this has better market,disentomb latent capacity.

Trading company of Shanghai Na Sen stock is Zhejiang justice the branch that Wunasenku puts limited company of commodity purchase and sale to be in Shanghai, latter

It is the omnibus company that a major pursues purchase and sale of goods of domestic and international inventory. Mr Huang expresses, no matter be toy of shoe of bag of box of inventory dress, inventory, inventory, inventory, still be handicraft of inventory knitting, inventory, inventory act the role ofing article wait for commodity of stock keep long in stock, "As long as low-cost, we are done " .

0.5 yuan of 5 yuan of suits, childen's garments, ten yuan leather case... the price of these commodity is so low that the price of these commodity let a person unimaginably queer. However, it appears on record of associate with sale with respect to real ground. Mr Huang discloses, in supplier list of Na Sen, can count the name that gives nearly 2000 suppliers almost, "Inventory won't have constantly, much contact a few suppliers, can grasp opportunity of a few markets more " .

Actually, what Na Sen acts is the part of commerce middleman. To manufacturer, processing inventory is tasted but dish vivid capital; And to purchasing business for, should buy appropriate reserve to taste however " can encounter cannot beg " , inventory tastes the birth of the trading company to make the bridge of both sides of supply and demand fitly. "Inventory tastes profit very thin, for instance box is wrapped, every earn a few minutes of money only, the profit of numerous goods does not exceed 0.1 yuan, but the amount is large, a sheet 5 - 60 thousand, also can gain thousands of yuan. " do bigger more as a result of the business, na Sen returned specially investment to build " international inventory net " , abroad client gets inventory in time to supply information and come round in order to go to the lavatory to issue sheet. The foreign trader that comes round to purchase inventory to taste basically comes from middle east, Africa, Euramerican and other places, among them Euramerican occupy 1/3 about. "Want to have fund only, goods in stock has been jumped over more more, should purchase only always have sale, although earn is not much, but very few also lose money in business. " at present, nasennian exports the forehead to exceed 10 million yuan.

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