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Quota makes over a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes

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Appropriate promotes company of a clothing to be badly in need of exporting an European Union. Or, whole factory will face the dilemma of stop production. Letting what this enterprise headaches is him there is quota in the hand. it may be said is drowse collected a pillow, not long ago, one professes is " Heilongjiang province north installs city foreign trade head office " the clerk Lv Mou of Shanghai agency, get in touch with them, this let company manager see a hope. Then, signed very quickly about Europe the 5th kind of commodity (dress) export quota makes over an agreement.

According to the agreement, infiltrated inside the Zhang number that this enterprise provides to Lv Mou 80 thousand yuan transfer a money, after this, lv Mou at this point " evaporate " , the phone also turned even original connection into spacing.

After this case happens, police retrieves pertinent information through the network, discover since last year, area of border district of the Nanjing, week that do not have stannum and Zhejiang fine promote, lake city and other places, ever also produced similar case for many times.

According to introducing, the garment industry of these places relatively develop, because industry of spin of near future our country faces restriction of quota of exit United States, European Union generally, garment industry is very intense to exporting the competition of quota, the phenomenon that buys export quota to other company under the counter happens from time to tome.

A few criminals use this one current situation, again and again with " make over export quota " extend for famous general a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes to clothing company.

As we have learned, what the basis signed 2005 is medium agreement of Europe, Sino-US textile, of 10 kinds of textile of the our country before 2008 export year of amplitude to be by demarcate between 8%~12.5% and 10%~17% . Department of Commerce publishs corresponding cent to deserve to reach administrative measure subsequently, be about to the agreement measures 70% according to the exit before the enterprise outstanding achievement undertakes allocation, remain 30% to market invite public bidding.

"According to such bidding standard, without the supplied materials of right of administration of imports and exports treatment company can traverse city only or the imports and exports of the town assembles a company to bid. " piece of manager of chamber of commerce of Nanjing imports and exports say.

But bring about the quota that assigns at hand finally directly so very few also. According to introducing, industry of 40 thousand textile of countrywide, the company that can take quota among them also 5000.

Occupy piece of manager introduction, nanjing had many 200 supplied materials to process a business last year with " Nanjing city adds tool to deserve to serve a company external " name is participated in bid. In addition, a few medium or small the also takes thousands of only into makings treatment company quota that has right of administration of imports and exports, almost negligible not plan.
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