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Stock goes golden mine seeks professional discount store to live skill

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Spend little money, the product of try to win sb's favor, those expensive brand products so far no longer Yao cannot be reached -- this is a lot of brand discount store give him glisten fixed position.
Bazaar, brand shop fostered consumer to buy dozen of habit that changes commodity and determination jointly, promote the store that sells a discount technically goods (include net store) ground of as one falls appears come. Wrap to the shoe from dress, arrive from books magazine, variety is ceaseless and rich, the team expands ceaselessly. According to not complete count, the professional discount store of Hangzhou has achieved many 100.

This year in April the last ten-day of a month, so-called and current city of country's biggest net submit a written statement to a higher authority " rich library " open business, supply discount price book. dozen of hypostatic shop that breaks a book, like Tang Feng, wisdom amount to etc, had existed several years in Hangzhou.

At the beginning of this year May, hangzhou city stadium district buys store of female outfit of discount of a brand newly again " beautiful library " , the doorway was stuck " 2 fold " large poster. This preamble all the way near macrocosm of film of emerald green center, near wash gauze road and mouth of emancipatory road have a common boundary, similar store opens prosperously. All all these, whether proclaiming to us: Has the times of professional discount store come? The connoisseur is forecasted, future, this one new retail trade form will become professional discount store the big industry of a rapid development.

However, this industry and reality, still need more adjusting; Industrial itself, still need more development, in order to avoid low malign competition. A few days ago, after the reporter visited store of a lot of domestic major discount, the personage inside course of study also disclosed many discount store live skill.

Gain relies on a quantity basically

Does the price that discount store takes from unit of supply of goods have much petty gain? Inscription tastes the king manager of area of Hangzhou of store of shoe brand discount to say to reporter citing, the factory price of hypothesis shoe every pairs 120 yuan, if be the shoe that passes s surname, trademark owner and processing factory home have a deficit each 10 yuan, have 100 yuan only into valence so. Increase some of profit a little again, the price of discount store is a few cheaper than general brand shoe.

"But our shop must be done more greatly, shoe style is much, consumer chooses leeway gift is great. So the shoe of a measures is inside certain period assure basically to 669 design choose for the client, shop rootlet is not placed originally. Shop respect our expense is very big. "

"So we sell discount brand to differ with bazaar, we rely on a quantity basically, because booth arrives on every pairs of shoe, our gain is scanty. "

"Clever silk " Mr Wu also tells chief the reporter, in integral operation, only piece goods is tasted those who get is small profit only, those who want profitable need is speed, want to realize gain through raising capital turnover rate. Open discount store to assure to go up to want to think thrice before you act in channel of inn site selection, replenish onr's stock, capital so.
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