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Thinking changeover: Clear clothing reserve special channel also effective

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To garment industry, inventory is the issue that affects business development badly, the enterprise of almost all success can get the worry of inventory. We often can see such opinion on public affairs in media: China although now all clothing companies stop production, the inventory in storehouse adds up at least still can sell 3 years on home market. Issue of stock of visible garment industry has how serious.

Inventory basically is two kinds big, namely manufacturer stock and channel inventory, general manufacturer clears the method of inventory still basically is stock Xiang Qu path is transferred, last sale still must be finished through channel. So, clear the key that channel inventory just is digestive inventory.

So, how garment industry should digest channel inventory? Normally the most practical method no more than still is stock one level land changes one course, pass the large-scale sales promotion of terminal next, through special offer, buy give wait for a method, will make inventory taste much sale much shipment. Here, I want to talk about the method of the inventory of a few digestive channel outside a few convention only.

One, agency expands a group to buy business energetically

Meet holiday, underwear of such as heat preservation, woollen sweater, eider down is taken, the suit, childen's garments product that has particular general character suits to develop a group to buy business. Very how old dress agency has constant person pulse to concern in place, can make full use of these relations begin a group to buy business, because dress is,the life must be tasted, so inevitable existence has a group to buy the market. And the group is bought can generate batch sale, to clearing inventory is very helpful.

Spring Festival eve, some eider down took agency to extend 3 groups to buy business through the relation, in all the group buys delivery of cargo from storage to put eider down to take 1200, because give goods value lower, get rid of each public relations is devoted, also basically did not generate what profit, but these 1200 groups buy a product, immediateness called in to him 10 come the cash of 10 thousand. When the Spring Festival passes, eider down is taken do not have method to sell work off again almost, if be handled not in time, these eider down take at least to also must lie to next year second half of the year in storehouse.

2, search special sale channel

Use not quite when existing sale channel, when cannot digesting inventory, we can consider to consume a group in the light of the target, whether to still put in the sale channel of other form.

The friend of a dealer of Nanjing once had the stock of kit of more than 10000 famous brand on the hand, took up he many capital, agency is painedder, and through its terminal channel cannot be in again apparently short-term inside these inventory the sale goes out. Remind through the author and engineer, this agency found a method. Nanjing has school of a lot of old technical secondary schools, and the main consumption group that undergraduates are kit apparently, and the undergraduate loves generally to wear name tag, but a lot of students can not afford famous brand kit because of economic problem. This agency introduces through a friend of city sports bureau, the sports association that contacted more than 10 schools, department of physical education perhaps is in charge of the teacher of sports equipment. He passes the sports window of these schools, with under market retail prices the price of 30% sells kit in school student, at the same time every give relevant sports controller the deduct a percentage from a sum of money of 10% , this can be a thing that has profit very much to both sides. Then, some schools provided short-term sale ground to him, some provided broadcast advertisement and support of announcement column advertising to him, centers of some part-work and part-study system organize a student technically still to run for his each dormitory promote; He still gave bit of penny to sponsor basketball of badminton of a few schools to surpass the activity of and so on, establish the relationship with the school further. Because good in quality and cheap in price, after 3 months, handled kit of many 7000 inventory through more than 10 universities unexpectedly. This agency is happy unceasingly.
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