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Dialytic inventory

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Inventory, there is kind of two kinds of expressions inside English: Inventory and Stock, era points to use in the future purpose and the resource that is in unused condition temporarily now. Generally speaking, the purpose of people setting inventory is to prevent to be in short supply, resemble the water that stores in reservoir. But substantially, a kind when the demand that because cannot forecast future,it is people changes and make but choice, perhaps say, it is people what do not want is redundant with corner. Accordingly someone says, inventory is extremely evil source.
"0 inventory " this word is in the demit sea mile of edition still cannot be found 1999, but since since entering 21 centuries, be a new idea no longer. We shed pleasant to the ear of mouth of director, personnel closing Wu increasingly to from business other people " 0 inventory " the concept of and so on of production of management, JIT.
0 inventory (Zero-inventory) , it is the objective that each enterprise pursues, so does the enterprise realize 0 inventory likely? Science and technology of cable of American brilliance of the rising sun (Suzhou) Shen Xin of senior stock chief inspector says limited company: gun of  of Jin of  Chong Xun subtles Piao of Gan of Kuang Xun go whoring > the mother pats  of go whoring of Xun of eye of  of Niao of Huang Qin of farsighted  ⒉ scrupulously and respectfully  of Piao of Gan of 6   knocks brandish evil to flag  of ㄕ Niao  enlighten frame  model closes a cram food into one's mouth shine?00 of acetic allow billows, 0 reserve concept is produced from Japan, apply extensively already now at global manufacturing industry. Its core idea is to reduce carry to make cost, coordinate supply and demand, eliminate the dependence to inventory. Alleged 0 inventory technology is to point to in production and current domain according to JIT (Just-in-time) constituent goods and materials is supplied, make whole process stock the smallest the floorboard of the technology that change.
The data shows, the library exists to go up objectively telling is the reserve stock that the enterprise will be used henceforth to sell or uses, include raw material, semi-manufactured goods, the different pattern; such as finished product learns to go up by management definition, inventory is the backwater of any article that have economic value and deposit; And go up in forms for reporting statistics of company finance affairs, stock performance is the tangible that gives the company inside time. Tell from this meaning, 0 inventory also can be a concept only.
"Inventory is set for safe production only "

"If ship of enterprise assimilate to, inventory is laky the water in! " Shen Xin describes inventory with a word of Dr. Gao Ziyou, "The ship is in laky in voyage, do not touch for safe travel the rock of lake bottom, must maintain certain water level, the key that water jumps over shallow likelihood to encounter is more. Inventory resembles water same, to the enterprise move have amortize effect, stock is less, the enterprise reveals exposed problem more, the problem that need solves is more, taller also to the requirement of business management. Say from this meaning, in the manufacturing process of a finished product, all makings 0 inventory also are impossible to come true. All makings 0 inventory also are impossible to come true..
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