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Shallow talk about method of sales promotion of underwear terminal trade to need

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Terminal is king " , " terminal get the upper hand of " , " 1000 inn project " the vocabulary that operates about terminal etc, frequency appearing in very much underwear brand in extending a plan is highest. But, the word says again, in the development process of industry of these a few years of underwear, the terminal that what brand has again is operated very reach the designated position? Very successful?

Above all, we will see the graphic representation below, cut the general program of the underwear brand terminal that says palpability shows level truly.

From on the watch can analyse: Of policy of a sales promotion roll out, middleman should be passed among (director of provincial agent, area agent, district) , next information ability passes those who achieve terminal to join in business, information can appear to travel again among this change or misunderstand, thereby, when communicating terminal business to be in, policy content will come in and go out somewhat with the policy of sale center formulate. Two respects go against terminal business:

1, of policy change or misunderstand, bring about carry out occurrence deviation.

2, information (policy) the time that communicate is too long, bring about terminal business to miss sales promotion good opportunity.

The management of business of terminal of serious at 2 o'clock obstacle operates above, make the sale of terminal business is hit, for this, occurrence terminal business complaints are heard everywhere.

, is terminal business so willing miss commercial opportunity? Does or await the arrival of the instructional staff of manufacturer?

Author development is various terminal market, classics analysis, put forward " free-standing " , " self-improvement " viewpoint, in order to admonish the terminal business of each underwear brand people, want to be made from oneself, arouse oneself force and enthusiasm, self-made, let terminal sell " vivid " rise.

Example analysis:

Brand shop of XX of H brand Nanning, be located in the position with relatively devious shopping mall, storefront 35 square metre, the standard of the brand shop of 4 stars class that plans completely according to H brand undertakes decorating, guide buy personnel to configure 5 (two people have holidays by turns) , and have certain underwear to sell experience.

The king boss of XX brand shop, the development latent capacity that takes a fancy to H brand at the outset and join in the market on manual supports content. But, because H brand is to just adjusted management train of thought to do the business with not long brand, the sale personnel of manufacturer is less, and sell a group still do not stabilize, how many time can serving in H brand to sale chief inspector still is an unknown, if this chief inspector goes, that sale policy has for certain change.

Show the sales promotion of level H brand, basically also be aimed at the sales promotion kind that a few great holiday have, and sales promotion means is opposite the effect is not particularly evident for group of Nanning female consumption, without how old and novel sex and appeal, because the sale of this terminal does not see promotion.
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