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Talk about my proposal to becoming the novice friend of inventory

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Inventory has had, also have defective goods, and latter is in the majority, this is best-know thing, so, did inventory to appeared a few kinds of practices.

One, try poineering friend, you can carry wholesale stock market, the choice fits your product, pay some of ground booth fee in a few villages next, sell oneself product, the cost of this kind of practice is lowest, open archives tool, 150 yuan of hob, banquet of 9 pieces of bamboo, every pieces make an appointment with 17-20 yuan, the ground booth of 100-150 is expended, add on a few products, be less than 1000 yuan to be able to try to do poineering work in all

2, the price is very important, the individual thinks, petty gain is good sense, for example, the dress of summer, 6 yuan of replenish onr's stock, oneself feel pretty good, should selling 15 yuan also is possible, so, I suggest you sell 10 yuan, you think, if you sell 15 yuan, one day sells 600 yuan probably, profit is 360, but you sell 10 yuan, sell 1000 yuan very easily, profit is 400 yuan, look you to be able to think to be in an unfavorable situation, but deal, the most important be two fast, one, the rate that capital runs wants fast, 2, design wants newlier fast, you sell goods quickly, money reentry new money, the client sees you have new money every time, add low-cost, natural meeting is increasing person patronage you. Business ability has been done, do strong.

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