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Reduce a risk to solve 6 kinds of methods of clothing reserve

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Uptodate, clothing company happens to coincide get inventory place tired, if why handle stock,usually the enterprise is, reduce a risk

The boss says: Processing inventory should be told " fast, firm, accurate " 3 words definitely, want to know, returning the fund that receives just is profit. Although the word has stated reason, but put in a problem again, if why be handled? Producing serious and superfluous today, hit everywhere lose voice, handling stock often is one photograph willing, dozen fold depreciate, inevitable meeting affects the integral figure of the brand and price system, reduce a client to be spent to the faithfulness of the product, do not hit fold, dress product falls behind too easily outdated, put in storehouse to be met only more and more devalue, turn useless cloth into one caboodle finally. At present clothing company handles the method with main inventory to have:

Establish in big market sell especially field or establish special offer to taste monopolistic sell.

A few big in general metropolis establishs main market of the city to sell especially, sell kinds or types of goods for special offer of a few brands, in order to attract client person energy of life. Of a lot of brands sell sale to had exceeded even especially the sale of price product. The purse of Chinese common people still is not after all so beat, the brand product market of special offer or pretty are so big. A few consumer also had formed habit of this kind of consumption, blame dozen fold do not buy.

2 extend as sales promotion gift client agency

Law of this one party basically can spur agency much replenish onr's stock, compare significant step as a kind when channel rewards, but if misgovern, cause agency easily to taste special offer optional undersell, affect brand image consequently, and, live the existence that much special offer tastes, can affect agency necessarily again the sale that valence tastes.

3 change brand to change other trademark to sell

This can yet be regarded as handles a kind of of inventory better method, can reduce special offer effectively to handle the harm of this pair of brand image, but the difficulty that also brings a lot of management to go up, and, it is inventory is tasted after all slow-moving article, changing brand to be able to sell work off to go also is an unknown. Besides, consumer also is met suspicion of whether sham to this brand existence, put in certain concussion to former brand.

4 transition are current channel, take terminal market sale

Have a lot of brands, the sale channel of the bazaar in going big on one hand, brand shop is sold, walk along terminal market to manage again on the other hand, and product unit price differs bigger, this also is a kind of their management strategy, a few design with old relatively slow-moving money with inferior value from terminal market current go out, and monopolistic system keeps stabler price, establish the integral image of the brand, because, face the consumptive crowd that is disparate arrangement of ideas, apparently look also compare to the influence of the brand it seems that small. But the integral figure of the brand and price system are easy and disorder, pose the contradiction between bazaar and jobber easily also.
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