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Which kinds of terminal sells pressure of mode least inventory

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The brand of different dress should take different sale channel, adjust sale policy according to his characteristic and current development condition.

The market fixed position of the brand, figure is different, the sale channel that it chooses is different. The brand of a gleam of of the brand austral the Fujian that is a delegate with stone lion basically takes brand shop course. In be in as a result of fixed position of market of brand of a gleam of austral Fujian high-grade phase, is not absolutely high-grade brand, basically choose brand shop sale at present so. Although bazaar is in of the brand pack, display wait for a respect to be able to provide convenient and overall service. But because bazaar is normally tens of planting the brand is sold together. Consumer is so right not the attention of a brand is spent dropped greatly. Unless be shaping high-grade brand dress, the certain acknowledge of consumer can get in bazaar.

Although brand shop wants him to run, but can allocate neatly, differ according to the market, season make appropriate oneself sale plan. In the meantime, the display of brand shop, layout is the window that draws consumer look.

When the businessman selects an agent very important also.

One, have experience, have the agent of actual strength. Can choose bazaar and straight battalion store two kinds of forms, acting brand is medium more high-grade;

2, have experience, but actual strength is weak. Can choose brand shop, use the form that straight battalion joins in, the representative is tasted is to have more wholesale the transition brand that turns to a brand;

3, inexperienced, without actual strength. But they have certain acknowledge surely to the market. Can act as agent some in cheap brand.

Anyhow, choose the sale route of good clothing brand, ability from go up at all the root cause of illness or trouble that cuts off clothing stock keep long in stock.