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Do what business of store of clothing of inventory brand discount looks surely t

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The following article also is myself collect the rich settle or live in a strange place in me before in about inventory kind (brand stock discount) an article, the hope is useful to becoming the friend of inventory, see what can have results carefully. . .

Do what business of store of clothing of inventory brand discount looks surely to manage a concept!

Discount store is not equal to clothing store

The idea of traditional dress business is in discount store often is an error.

Will consider an issue with the idea of traditional clothing store, think good, measures is paragraph color completely the first element.

The characteristic of discount store is measures color of not complete, money is relatively backward, natural, cannot achieve the peak of perfection when replenish onr's stock quite, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses only, produce the distinguishing feature with discount inherent store, brand low discount.

Pursue the idea of sudden huge profits

This has been the thing a few years ago. Although our dress wants the purchase price that 1-2 changes only, also can sell 5 fold, 6 fold. But such business is to do not have characteristic and advantage, the shop that just think does not have any advantages can hold to in such competitive society how long. Wo Erma can accomplish the world 500 strong the first, lean namely " day balance price " .

Running discount store while, complement in the market a few new fund will sell.

Often such sale, operator holds measure very hard, how much is the profit that is new fund? If maintain 100% above as much, such shop, the feeling when the guest comes in is " good-looking " the dress (new fund) too expensive, without any advantages, did not find the flavor of discount store. Other clothing fall in the foil of new fund more appear " ugly " , no matter the advantage of the price, fall in such shopping environment after all, appear do not know how to start.

Consider to take large size only when replenish onr's stock, do not choose small size.

Above all the dress of every brand locates in a certain age paragraph, be like 20-25 year old or 30-40 year old. Natural, former measures is in the majority general meeting is small, latter meeting considers old yard to be in the majority. Additional, open store newly, every 10 guests enter store, the person with 7 right figures, won't have the opinion of any measures, the guest that compares grow stout however can slant to inn-keeper report dress somes small.

Really. Want to consider the demand of this part guest as inn-keeper. But the total size of discount store is to be between S-XL commonly. Satisfy the requirement of all clients impossibly. The dress that some businessmen nature can consider to look for some of large size will answer the guest's opinion, but, such clothing is not inexpensive, meet very quickly on your advantage horse the dress place that is mingled is masked.
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