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How to realize " 0 inventory "

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"0 inventory " is a kind of special reserve concept, its are told to industrial business and commercial company is an important classification concept. 0 inventory are store with storehouse of the form some is planted or certain of kind of article store the amount is " 0 " , do not maintain namely to put. Can not discharge storehouse stock with inventory form existence a series of problems, if storehouse construction, overhead expenses, goods in stock is safeguarded, custodial, assemble and unassemble, carry wait for charge, goods in stock takes up circulating fund reachs the issue such as the ageing of stock other people, loss, metamorphism.

0 inventory are pair of a certain particular industry, specific shop, the workshop, it is to be in a kind of when sufficient society lays in safeguard premise to fall special form.

1. trusts custodial kind

2. cooperation parts packet of way

3. annulus changes way

4. is punctual supply a system

5. looks board means

6." Is   peddled wring?

7. puts reserve without the library

8. deserves to send kind

One of 0 inventory forms: Trust custodial kind

Trust custodial kind: Receive those who get an user to entrust, by be commissioned Fang Daicun governs on somebody's behalf the goods and materials that droit belongs to an user, make the user retains no longer therebyInventory, can retain no longer even insurance reserve reserve, realize 0 inventory thereby. Love holds square collection in the palm to govern on somebody's behalf a certain quantity ofly charge. Advantage of form of this kind of 0 inventory depends on: Suffer entrust the dominant position that just uses its major, can realize the inventory management of higher level and inferior charge, the user establishs a warehouse no longer, subtracted storehouse reachs a large number of general affairs of inventory management at the same time, center force to be managed at production. But, way of this kind of 0 inventory basically leans inventory to transfer implementation, can not make inventory gross is reduced.

Of 0 inventory form: Cooperation parts packet of way

Cooperation parts packet of way: Namely American "SUB- - " kind is asked below the " of CON" means and Japan. Basically be the configuration of a kind of industry of production enterprise, this kind of configuration is OK with a certain number of enterprises flexible production is punctual supply, make advocate the storage facility for supply purpose of the enterprise is put for 0; At the same time advocate the sale stock that the concentration of the enterprise sells inventory to make a certain number of cent include service and sale company is 0.

In a lot of developed countries, production enterprise is with a dimensions very big advocate enterprise and number with 100 thousand plan business of small-sized cent bag forms structure of a pyramid shape. Advocate the proprietor of an enterprise should be in charge of assembling the guidance that develops the market with the product, the enterprise that distribute a packet divides packet of service, cent to wrap component to make severally, cent bag is supplied and divide packet of sale. Part packet of company that component creates for example, can adopt all sorts of production forms and inventory to adjust form, press in order to assure advocate the manufacturing rate of the enterprise, by appoint time deliver goods to arrive advocate enterprise, it is to make thereby advocate the enterprise sets one class reserve no longer, achieve promote person or shop sale, can adopt quota, along with for waiting for a form, with advocate the sale of the person that the product inventory that the enterprise amasses satisfies each minutes of bag, the person that make distribute a packet realizes 0 inventory.
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