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The whole side of sale manages

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Some cate building: How to build, had maintained the relationship with old client?

The practice of the simplest palpability gives old client the privilege namely, give acting gold ticket to old client for instance, but had better provide specific use time, cannot use on the weekend for instance, the passenger flow height of shop of escape of in an attempt to; Also can execute integral to block a system (this also is one of prooves that establish old client record) . Must emphasize, the premise that develops these activities is, the product quality of shop must be able to assure, get what take inn client for the most part approbate; Otherwise, again good sale step is trashy.

Of old client files it is very important to build, a store has been managed with difference, old client has crucial effect. Especially meal course of study, if shop is not at the tourist discharge compares large area, its business is to rely on old client to prop up commonly those who rise. Did not establish relatively perfect old client record, the sales promotion of shop does not take care of old client. If things go on like this, customer loyalty is spent can reduce greatly.

Inn of some communication equipment: Storefront should be done inevitably as a result of a variety of reasons temporarily sales promotion, what item should notice?

Above all, must notice to make the external environment of sales promotion, in assure shop profit while, cannot harm other interest. Temporarily sales promotion needs to plan ahead of schedule likewise, the in-house personnel opinion that seeks place undertakes collect is analysed, reach text must be formed immediately after plan of outstanding sales promotion, ability makes sure sales promotion is orderly, reasonable undertake going down.

In plan of all sales promotion, need not carry out what sales promotion deadline is less than 7 days, because time is too short,can not let a client know shop is doing an activity. Reasonable sales promotion time should be day of 15 days of ~20.

Some clothing store: Sales promotion originality, how can you just prevent be imitated?

Hold the time that show, the time that sales promotion activity shows is Tian Weijia of the 2~3 before the festival, not was necessary to be revealed too early come out, but preparative work must have been done in time. Individual character and brand are the element that needs to highlight most. Personalized element is the place with the most absorbing plan of integrated sales promotion, also be originality place; The brand needs to repeat emphasize.

Additional, key of a good originality looks carry out, carry out the result that will affect originality directly, accordingly, do not be afraid of be imitated, want to put idea on the execution of originality however. Some international are famous the originality of the enterprise actually very simple, lottery, award is a car or Disney swims. We also can think of these groovy practices, why so much person is willing to participate in, because be carried out well.
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