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Projector of video of homebred liquid crystal

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Time wears on: 2008-8-18 17:30:21
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Homebred projector | DIY projector | Projector of 2800 lumen liquid crystal | Xi'an of province of KTV projector Shaanxi is in good health treasure chicken Chinese in business Lin Chuangrong of Yu of Yan'an of Na Xianyang of Luo Tongchuan short for Weihe River leads China umbriferous industry — with top science and technology highest sex price compares projector | Silver of Lanzhou of KTV projector the Gansu Province decides Xigannajia valley closes golden Chang Jiuquan to face Xia Long Na Pingliang celebrates in relief homebred projector | Homebred measuring projector | Homebred video exhibits a stage | Projector screen | Umbriferous bulb major produces manufacturer — to achieve Yinchuan of flourish electron Ningxia to originally halfback of Shan Wuzhong of original rock mouth is homebred projector of liquid crystal video | The projector of card of home made product with KTV projector outer fame sincere ask for area representative Qinghai to save Xining does Huang Nayu cultivate sea of the Tibetian austral the East China Sea of Guo Luohai the North sea on the west projector of homebred liquid crystal is the first brand which? Achieve flourish LCD projector | KTV projector | Multimedia projector | A of Urumqi of Xinjiang of liquid crystal projector overcomes Sualaeraletaida city library Er Lebole: Controller of 13469082520 action business: Guo Li) achieve flourish 3.5 Cun Bing projector | Projector of 7 inches of screen | Projector of 8.4 inches of screen | Projector of 10 inches of screen | Name of product of business of action of whole nation of projector of 10.6 inches of screen: GCharacteristic of product of projector of QX60SPL-W high-definition clear 1. Stability is strong, safeguard handy, goofy change a design; 2. Gao Liang is spent, tall colour temperature; 3. Ballast, umbriferous bulb loop, the 0 breakdown inside affirmatory expiration period, image reachs control loop, affirmatory repair rate is less than 1% , overall percent of pass opening box is more than 99% ; 4. The briefest life is more than barrier of optical system without reason 20 thousand hours (glance except of bowl, bulb) ; 5. Put an end to congener type LCD to bake red, bake yellow wait to damage ahead of schedule resemble now. Main body dimension (do not contain electric port, camera lens adjustment, engine base) : (L) 348* (W) 266* (H) public place of entertainment of the high quality scales in 122 fractionize market, the group user that seeks tall sex price to compare recommends use center of large trade recreation is umbriferous dimension 72-150 very little batch appears on the market time achieved flourish science and technology to be being faced at present in April 2006 global sincere solicit business of agency, agent, OEM, ODM. Welcome you to act as agent wholeheartedly my company product, no matter you are individual or businessman, we give you support of the pay of agency level and strong brand, technology, after service. Welcome you to join in with all sorts of means wholeheartedly, collaboration of business of expectation and each channel business, project contractor, OEM, ODM is consultative reach long-term cooperation consensus! Brand-new the eye of dazzle of hall of large assembly room, classroom, auditorium, speech, recreation, KTV, enterprise, government, family is wonderful picture in gifting. 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