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Reclaim dress reclaims goods of inventory dress end

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[Buy] / reclaim dress reclaims goods of inventory dress end
Information money order: 097
Model norms:
The smallest ration: 0
Offer goods gross: 0
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Time wears on: 2008-8-4 14:47:45
Significant time: 2 months

Information introduces in detail

Guangdong Guangzhou gets together virtuous dress recuperative heat line: 020-22252749 13826414858 Ouyang is unripe; Major reclaims inventory female outfit, buy inventory brand female outfit, reclaim female outfit Guangzhou buys cloth Guangdong to get together virtuous buy cloth company Guangdong to get together virtuous company major reclaims all sorts of dress cloth; Dress is this to get together virtuous company grows in recent years the fastest a branch; Get together virtuous company analysis reclaims industry and service characteristic introduction: Guangzhou reclaims center, fosan reclaims center, dongguan reclaims station, shenzhen reclaims station, zhongshan reclaims station, benefit city reclaims station, shan head reclaims station, river door reclaims station, shanghai reclaims center, wuhan reclaims station, changsha reclaims station, fujian reclaims the center in Guangdong provincial had had actual strength to reclaim tremendously network; Pass old commerce to manage, the client pervades all directions; no matter the inventory dry goods on your hand, dress goods in stock is much more miscellaneous, the amount is how old, we can pass client network to solve your stock to perplex immediately; As far as possible the loss that reduces an enterprise. Major reclaims 1 of female outfit classification reclaims jacket: Compensate of shirt, jacket, jersey, recreational unlined upper garment, T, condole takes an a sleeveless garment 2. Reclaim skirt: , suit skirt, skirt, dress 3. Reclaim trousers: Business suit pants, recreational trousers, recreational knickers, plus fours 4. Reclaim underwear: Bra 5. Reclaim briefs: Pants of briefs, plain top, bikini pants, t-shaped pants 6. Reclaim cowboy outfit: Knickers of trousers of vest of bull-puncher jacket, bull-puncher, bull-puncher, bull-puncher

Contact information

Company name: Guangdong gets together virtuous contact of trading company of textile goods in stock: Ou Yangsheng (gentleman)
Phone: 020-22252749 fax:
Mobile phone: Email:
Q Q: Firm address: Road of airport of area of Guangzhou white cloud