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Purchase stock complementary makings

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[Buy] / purchase stock complementary makings
Information money order: 100
Model norms:
The smallest ration: 0
Offer goods gross: 0
Referenced price: 0 yuan /
Time wears on: 2008-8-4 14:43:15
Significant time: 2 months

Information introduces in detail

Extensive inferior the company handles each district goods in stock with cash means. Reclaim in great quantities now pay a debt in kind or by labour, punish not, check inventory, change the line of production, antiquated all sorts of goods in stock. Phone: 13826080101 teach gentleman. (one) cloth: ⑺ of flesh of twinkling of  of ⒒ of flesh of  of food container of ⑺ of flesh of ≌ leg  chops Song to take! ? (2) dress: ∧ is fierce ah ⑴  ah ⑼  ah ⑿ Zu is fierce ah ⒃ large  ! ? (3) toy raw material: ⒈ of ∶  Qu Guo Qu of slave-girl of ⑼ of  of Song ⒓ fur coat! ? (4) leather makings: Change of U of  of ぁ of Zha of ⒀ of ぁ of F of ⑴ of Sha of じ of ⑵ of ≌ Mo ぁ , PVC, Oxford. (5) complementary makings: " Pu of ⒍ of  of San of suddenly of ⒉ of Zhen of administer of excessive of ⑿ of Zhen of administer of bridge of ⒙ of frame of Sun of suddenly of ⒉ of  of handsome ⑽ of Deng of administer fish hawk and ⑿ of dysentery of ⒙ of  ⑻  fights Peng " ㈩ of Zhen of Pai of ㈩ of Luo of  of ⒛ of  of ⒛ of vinegar of ⒏ of Ping Zhen of regret of Deng of Qu fish hawk anthology. (6) the goods and materials of stock keep long in stock such as car of old industry garment, private plane. When be like periphery to keep long in stock tastes message, ask favour at informing, when summary fulfil commission. (dress reclaims, inventory dress, inventory cloth, inventory cloth reclaims, inventory dress reclaims, reclaim cloth, reclaim dress, reclaim inventory dress, reclaim inventory)

Contact information

Company name: Guangdong floats inferior contact of trading company of textile goods in stock: Fu Dehui
Phone: 020-22252749 fax:
Mobile phone: Email:
Q Q: Firm address: Area of Guangzhou white cloud 3 yuan li of highway