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Supply ligneous candlestick reserve

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[Sell goods on a commission basis] / supply ligneous candlestick reserve
Information money order: 180
Model norms:
The smallest ration: 5000
Offer goods gross: 13000
Referenced price: 16.8 yuan /
Time wears on: 2008-8-21 9:55:06
Significant time: 2 months

Information introduces in detail

Mechanism handicraft, welcome to contact!

Contact information

Company name: Celestial being resides contact of factory of gift of craft of prefectural gold rich: Zheng Jian
Phone: 0576 87636871 fax:
Mobile phone: 13967615210 Email:
Q Q: Firm address: Each press down Ma Yang village below county of house of celestial being of province of Zhejiang of county of celestial being house