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Pig of inventory pottery and porcelain puts cash pot

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[Sell goods on a commission basis] / pig of inventory pottery and porcelain puts cash pot
Information money order: 280
Model norms:
The smallest ration: 96
Offer goods gross: 5000
Referenced price: 5.4 yuan /
Time wears on: 2008-9-2 16:19:45
Significant time: 2 months

Information introduces in detail

Delicate pottery and porcelain store cash pot, because foreign trade remaining part is only, odd pig of pottery and porcelain of more than 5000 inventory store cash pot, have 3 kinds of pattern, one kind is applique pottery and porcelain, additionally two kinds are pottery and porcelain of coloured drawing or pattern, do not have enterprise LOGO, but general, quality is good, suit to live in adornment, office act the role ofing is tasted reach gift of business affairs come-and-go. Product name: Pig of pottery and porcelain store measure of cash pot product: Case of?2*16*17CM of glutinous Shu  is led: 24 pack way: Bilge material of ò  ? : Touch?

Contact information

Company name: Xiamen gets together smooth labour trade limited company contact: Huang Liang too
Phone: 0592 5855561 fax:
Mobile phone: 13959250401 Email: Stock-supply@126.com
Q Q: Firm address: Siming of city of Xiamen of Fujian Xiamen city road of Ou Dongping hill 17