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Share how to find buy the home well and truly

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See everybody is right inside jar how to find client feeling to have a headache, have the same feeling really greatly! So open up is abroad the market, no more than is 3 problems:

1, how know abroad purchase business
2, how understand abroad purchase business
3, how to move purchase business, reach collaboration

A few meanses that seek a client are very at present much, but what have effect truly is not much. Join for example exhibit, although collected calling card, established connection, but, does the other side have how old desire? Economic actual strength how? How many price can you accept? Volume of how many stock can you digest? Etc, cannot make clear Hunan. E.g. and so on of enterprise directory database, although cost is very low, but the effect is very poor however, wide pay the CD of the meeting so-called hundred thousands of buy the home, 300 yuan can be bought, can you find a client? So, how to master the resource buying the home of some area in the round? Monitor old client? Develop new client? Master a competitor to distributing? Do its manage monitoring state? How to judge the intuitionistic value of corresponding product? How to analyse those who buy the home to purchase behavior, develop potential client with specific aim ground? How to understand market demand? Does the person of the same trade sell case? How to analyse the weak busy season of the product and the procurement cycle that buy the home? Customs data is a very good way. A lot of people listen to customs data, can think cost is very high above all, price is very high, fact otherwise. Free data can be used now. Recommend a few websites to be combined with, then you can find those who suit your to buy the home certainly.

1, Http://

Inquire data of bill of lading of North America custom freely, register North America of OK and free search from 4 years up to now customs data.

2, Http://

; of engine of search of American Chinese yellow page is the most auspicious place, depending on him is Chinese search, to the novice, it is very convenient.

3, Http://

The detailed data of American company, should be library of a company, the company that you can know you, the detailed data of the company is searched inside, include company scale, employee, connection means is waited a moment

You can find those who suit you to purchase business through the first free website. Use the 2nd to find the connection way that purchases business with the 3rd. What understand him with the first is in after affirming purchase quantity, procurement cycle to wait purchase a habit to wait.

Mastered information data of so much, plus oneself professional knowledge, and the state of mind that respects property, make it commerce, should have very big odds.