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Efficient extend network of commerce person arteries and veins

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The action in one individual success takes professional knowledge only 15% , and 85% of the others depend on human relation. -- card of the · that wear Er is able to bear or endure base person arteries and veins namely human relation, human network, reflect the person's popularity, human relations in society. According to the view in the dictionary, the explanation of person arteries and veins is " by is human the human sequence of thought that concern and forms " , often use at the domain of politics or commerce, but make what trade no matter actually, everybody can use person pulse. Especially trade public figure needs to extend person arteries and veins to gain more commerce opportunities more. Person arteries and veins as money general, also need management, deposit and rise in value. Everybody can become the customer of arteries and veins that is good at person arteries and veins managing. As the thorough popular feeling of gregarious network concept, be based on SNS (SocialNetworkService) the gregarious website that rises with Web2.0 development, community life that changing us. The gregarious website of domestic and international swift and violent development is like LINKEDIN, OPNBC, TRADESNS to wait.

Among them Www.tradesns.com reachs the network of person arteries and veins that the personage of the industry designs related commerce technically for global commerce. Advocate real name to make network environment, with true the human network that the manner of sincere letter builds you. Devote oneself to to offer human relation network to serve for global trade public figure (SNS) platform. Help commerce person is built effectively, management, fast extend the whole world human relation network, disentomb the potential client, job that finds ideal and talent, acquire commercial opportunity and partner. Lest expend,still can search the whole world the 6000 much data that buy the home. Psychologist of American famous society Miergelun (Stanley Milgram) the SNS that at 20 centuries 60 time put forward " 6 degrees of theory " . SNS is English (Social Networking Service) abbreviate, metaphrase is " gregarious network serves " it is namely in human sequence of thought, want to know an any new friends, want to pass 6 friends to be able to achieve a goal only at most among this. If you want to know a person, hold a friend in the palm to look for a friend to know his person, 6 people won't exceed between. It is a foundation in order to know the friend's friend, expand indefinitely oneself person arteries and veins. The characteristic spread that uses a network shows the circle in real life, go knowing the friend's friend through true friend, build oneself friend very convenient and quickly to encircle then. The help of this person arteries and veins gets when need. In real life, we are the friends that will know a friend through the good friend, enlarge oneself friend circle thereby. Their help gets when needing. But the human network that you cannot understand you to have clearly is how big. You are met probably just miss the opportunity of opportunity of as good to your lifetime as those likelihoods friend, commerce, and the good friend that then the individual may be your good friend. Network of arteries and veins of benefit choose and employ persons can master your human relation network clearly, know the friend beside you more thereby, the more scientific management, human network resource that extends you, make its grow indefinitely. The human resource that becomes you is achieved a certain quantity of when, you can understand " person arteries and veins namely money arteries and veins " meaning.
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