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The skill of 8 big actual combat of network sale

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Want to be mixed according to the oneself characteristic of this enterprise above all when executive network sale located the characteristic of the industry, choose reasonable network sale to run a model, make clear this enterprise to introduce network sale to run the main benefit that can bring and cost, set the clear quantitative index that decides these benefit and charge, ability is the target of such sale management to decide clearly, the task of branch of sale of wind of corresponding earth mat was limitted clearly also.

Increase the diaphaneity of competitive survey

· knows competitor state. Can pass webpage of direct visit competitor, know the news such as its new product, price, service; The content understanding consumer that also can go up through reading set of the newsgroup that concerns with competitor, communication is right the evaluation of competitor product, service; Still can understand the consumer evaluation to this enterprise in time at the same time, or the parallel case with competitor.

· understands the development of course of study of one's own profession. The content that discusses in group of the information that through the news on the net service business provides and special subject newsgroup, communication, sensitive business can catch the development trend of course of study of one's own profession.

· achieves the combination with other company. The information of the enterprise on the net may introduce shopkeeper of world each district, cent to sell the interest of business, agent, they pass market analysis, may think your product has market perspective, because they can follow you actively to contact, think the component that makes you sells business to wait. Such you established connection with the enterprise of world various places, similar other collaboration concern also can be built through the network.

The market is extended

· knows potential customer, can investigate the case of potential customer through questionnaire is being designed on intranet page.

· passes other agency (like magazine, TV, broadcast) supportive network sale. Potential customer sees the network address of the enterprise on other agency, may enhance impression, much can more advertent on the net the content of this network address.

· invites potential customer to attend seminar and product to reveal meeting.


· sells new product to new market.

· sells old product to new market.

· sells old product to new international market.
· sale sells channel in cent current not the commodity of free.

· sells the product that does not fit general goods list. Product performance cannot be described in detail in catalogue when company product is various, and the network can come true this.

· sends instant price rapid and conveniently to adjust information, depreciation information, new product information. And the charge of E-mail close to 0, the enterprise on the net is so OK contact in time with extremely low cost and potential customer.
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