Adjusted partial commodity to export drawback policy on July 1

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The reporter learns 19 days from the Ministry of finance, our country will rise from July 1, 2007, adjust the exit drawback policy of partial commodity. This policy is adjusted involve 2831 goods in all, occupy the 37 % of all goods number in custom tax regulations about.

As we have learned, spend rapid growth to control what foreign trade exports further, alleviate the outstanding contradiction that favourable balance of our country foreign trade brings greatly too, optimize exporter to taste a structure, restrain " high cost can, sex of tall pollution, resource " the exit of the product, stimulative foreign trade rises the balance of the change of means and foreign trade, reduce trade friction, change of pattern of stimulative economy growth and economic society can develop continuously, via approval of the State Council, state of business of total bureau of the Ministry of finance and national tax Wu develops innovation appoint, total office of Department of Commerce, customs already was released on June 18 " the announcement that total bureau of Wu of tax of state of Ministry of finance exports drawback to lead about moving small part goods " , the regulation rises from July 1, 2007, adjust the exit drawback policy of partial commodity.

The Ministry of finance expresses, this policy adjusts basically include 3 fields:

It is to cancel 553 further " high cost can, sex of tall pollution, resource " the exit drawback of the product, basically include: Be in severe danger move a plant to reach its solder of carbon of board of carbide of the chemical product such as the mine product such as salt and goods, cement, fertilizer, dye, metal and activated carbon product, leather, part and one-time wood, general general is in charge of aluminium of alloy of product, blame to make the simple nonferrous metal such as a lever, and section shipping and blame motor-driven shipping.

The 2 exit that are the merchandise that drops 2268 to cause commerce easily to chafe withdraw tax rate, basically include: Oil of products of bag of cap of dress, shoe, box, toy, paper, vegetable, plastic reach its with balata the low additional cost such as goods of iron and steel of stone of goods, part and pottery and porcelain and its goods, part, Jiao Lu and autocycle mechanical and electrical products, furniture, and fiber sticking gum.

3 it is the export of 10 commodity drawback instead exports duty-free policy, basically include: Plaque of earthnut nutlet, canvas, carve, stamp and stamp duty ticket.

The Ministry of finance expresses, in view of this exit drawback policy is adjusted with alleviating foreign trade favourable balance passes to be given priority to greatly want policy end, consider exit drawback policy adjusted a setting to transfer last year period occurrence problem, this exit drawback policy is adjusted transfer without the setting period, shift to an earlier date adjustment policy content however proper time is announced to the society, plan time in order to make the enterprise has ahead of schedule.
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