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Cope with false foreign trade (cheater) whole strategy

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Alleged false foreign trade, it is element of bilk of a few economy, hitting information of company of such-and-such foreign trade to seek advice from the cover of the company, or use opening a city, the advantage of edge trade city, make a few holidays beg buy information, false collaboration intent, it is bait with this, leave no stone unturned cheats you to go, big diddle tens of thousands of hundred thousands of, small are cheated eat cheat drink, make many the medium and small businesses of experience electron business affairs is kept constantly on the run first, not only kite cheats content, and all of body and mind is harmed, some small plants are done so that lose a family fortune by these cheater even, many victims mention angrily of these cheater all without exception to abhor.

So, how to cope with these foreign trade cheater? Actually, 10 thousand cheat do not leave its ancestor, cheater always has its rule to be able to be searched, knew the thing of their general character only, just identify them likely, discriminate true bogus thereby, do not drop trap.

One, divisional are those companies of false foreign trade?

The biggest feature of company of false foreign trade is: The scabbard that return Cong is cut into parts grant Huan Ouxin of  of Guo of  of accept of onlying Shan of Fu of Tiao of pay gallopping drop Huang Yi of Cong of  of blessing of willful  ヌ and every of 6 _ ? calls Lei of extensive pain or numbness caused by cold is to call you past autograph make an appointment with " foreign trade " the company is to cheat subsidiary mostly, but the likelihood also has true client, how to go distinguishing? For instance, last month, some milkings enterprise needs Shenyang the product of my company, call us to talked in the past, we think this is true client, because they basically are the structures that deserve to understand my company product, characteristic, call us to see the demand of their product line, so, we went with respect to what hesitate none. Accordingly, whether does an inquiry want identification in the past, should undertake integration analysis, just decide to go or do not go. Generally speaking, accord with the following feature: 100% it is cheater company, ten million cannot go:

1, formatted inquiry (it is to show it is good to imprint beforehand inquiry format, fill next on your unit name, the product the name of an article of demand, all over the sky sends out, extensive cultivation, bring you to be duped;

2, not specific fine the circumstance that asks him wanted product (be like relevant form a complete set, design, utility) , the price discretion that does not care you to declare (or it is mincing only ask casually) , and the; with huge amount

3, the other side wants your money, he does not see a factory see money, call you to go to his place instead, affirmatory and OK down payment, sign contract;
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