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Summarize the reason result that foreign trade fails

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One. Target market is uncertain: Just contacted foreign trade, do not know we can make what market, what market is not OK, come down through this period of time, just fumble the optical lens that gives our company to Africa, it is improper for southeast Asia and middle east area, because do not understand this common sense before, make oneself waste a lot of time and energy to this.

2. Lack the capacity that judges to the client: The ask case that guest hair comes to is not little, my be pleased with oneself, each when truly ponders are answered surely. Where knowing some guests are trenchant is dozen of explore of your product and price information, such returning can accept, more those who make life angry is those cheater clients, those who cheat goods did not say, we know to also had heard of. Still having one share is to want diddle our commercial visa, to us the country was not returning. To such guest I still am persistently talk to the family, speak of final ability feeling not right, thinking of really previously is to had heard of such guest even.

3. The skill of report of foreign trade case: General I am met to received ask letter timely response, however I am a post that has kept, see ask case is duplicate and stickup, alter slightly according to diverse guest demand next, self-righteous very good method. Because can save my very much time so, such correspondence is more general and basic to the foreigner case of the first ask can be used, but deal also is resembled,build high buildings and large mansions, can go without shortcut, I am the foot that moves a stone to break his undoubtedly so, because resemble such mail guest,should look everyday a lot of, if your mail cannot be in a minute in the attention that draws him, perhaps your this " the instant " finished post also is met " the instant " enter the rubbish casing in foreigner mailbox. So, case to each ask, no matter be,the first mail should look carefully, find out all demand of the guest, the demand that is aimed at a guest replies, his problem vitrification, this is demand of electricity of foreign trade case " accurate " . Not only such, the post that you keep even " fast " " brief " " bright " , if can master these skill really, your successful rate is met deduct a percentage from a sum of money is very much.

4. Professional knowledge: This industry is entered first, as a result of the lack to professional knowledge, I can go up by quotation only say to the foreigner, and the advantage that cannot give a guest very well to explain our product. Just think, is the guest sends ask to case on the net those who give us hair of a company? Impossible, so, if others can be very good the price advantage that said family product to the guest, quality dominant position, rare be short of an advantage to wait a moment. And you are general however and simple tell a guest you have what product, that is not very be in an unfavorable situation, affirmative guest can turn to others and not be you, it is very normal. Because be very passive so, be in try one's luck. Make foreign trade so we, can you have result? Still can complain say I contacted so much guest how to to reply me, be product value is be being returned high a company famous spend a copy? is not go seeking an account from oneself.
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