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The flow of foreign trade only evidence 18 paces

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1. Client ask dish:

Be in commonly below the client before Perchase Order, can relevant Order Inquiry gives business the department, become the knowledge on a few detail.

2. Quote:

Timely response visitor inquires business department, decide goods the name of an article, model, produce manufacturer, amount, date of delivery, payment, the norms that pack and ark wait, peroforma Invoice makes official quoted price to the client.

3. Receive order:

The course negotiates, receive the client's formal order Perchase Order.

4. Issue manufacturing order:

After the order that receives a visitor affirms, order to the factory, arrangement produces a plan.

5. Business examines and approve:

After business department receives order, make list of business examine and verify above all. By " export contract examine and verify is expressed " the project fills in according to the facts, state all sorts of predicting charge as far as possible. The contract is examined and approve need attach guest order to fax, with the factory buy a contract. Watch of examine and verify wants to be signed by the clerk, sectional manager is examined and approve, hand in the ability after managing department staff examine and verify to carry out again. If amount is larger, or those who have the article such as imprest and commission, want to examine and approve ability travel via company general manager. After the contract is examined and approve, make sale order for goods, give sectional process member follow-up.

6. Make known to lower levels produces an announcement:

Business department is after affirmatory date of delivery, contented and following case but make known to lower levels produces an announcement, inform the factory produces on time:

6.1: If be the client that L/C pays, it is before date of delivery a month affirms L/C has been received normally, the member that clerk and only evidence answer after receiving L/C examines L/C respectively, whether is the examination put in the mistake, date of delivery whether safeguard, the problem with potential etc, if have,the problem should ask a guest to change testimony instantly.

6.2: If be the client that T/T pays, should affirm deposit has arrived Zhang.

6.3: If be credit client, or close through the means such as bank D/A collect etc, need a manager to affirm.

7. Examine goods:

7.1: In a week before date of delivery, the member that should inform the company examines goods examines goods.

7.2: If the guest wants oneself or appoint examine goods personnel will examine goods, want to be before a week of date of delivery, the client checks goods and tell the date that check goods plan department about.
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