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Technical terms of foreign trade price

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When doing an interpreter, classics regular meeting is mixed by inquiry CIF the distinction of CNF, stick a technical terms of commonly used foreign trade price here, give everybody friend reference.

[price technical terms]

Price technical terms is the thing with characteristic foreign trade. Because we are impossible to make money skill delivery single-handed face-to-face with the client, always want line-haul, because this can produce all sorts of carry incidental expenses. These charge are being calculated the price when should include of course. According to delivery place and means different, nature of carry incidental expenses is different, so, everybody stipulated a few term will express different delivery, measure the value with this.

International trade is used to the place that serves as delivery with haven dock, because this had 3 kinds of the mainest price technical terms:

The ex wharf that 1. is in China: Term is called FOB

For instance the agreement is in Shanghai harbor ** goods, be called FOB SHANGHAI

Below this kind of means, besides the value of goods itself, add you to carry goods to the freight of Shanghai dock even, and declare at customs the incidental expenses that exports the generation on poundage and Shanghai dock, just be total cost value.

FOB price is the basiccest value.

Handy and formulary: Incidental expenses of movement of country of FOB = commodity price

2. is in foreign ex wharf: Term is called CNF

For instance the agreement is in American new York harbor ** goods, be called CNF NEW YORK

Below this kind of means, besides FOB price, add goods to carry to the carry incidental expenses of American new York even.

Handy formula: CFreight of ocean of NF = FOB

3.In foreign ex wharf, lest damage in road,buy last insurance to goods at the same time: Term is called CIF

Same, the agreement calls CIF NEW YORK in goods of ** of new York harbor

This kind of means is namely on the foundation of CNF price, jiashangyi nods insurance premium. How much does insurance premium need? Will decide by insurance company, be nodded according to goods category and delivery ground and differ somewhat. Hit a phone to give insurance company, tell them the sort of your goods, value and the ground that go going to are nodded, they can tell you how much insurance premium needs.