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What does foreign trade enterprise rely on to spend cold winter

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In last few years, chinese textile is exported in succession suffocate suffocate, the United States and European Union are taken out in succession " turn over a dumping " cover obstruct China is many cheap the product swarms into homeland, it is what its inspect " great scourges " had not been. In fact, the phenomenon of the dumping exists really, bao Xilai of minister of otherwise Department of Commerce can speak such word -- " China exports 800 million shirt, also cannot change an airbus " . Can infer, those so called brands of China, the product of defective technology content and additional cost sells suffocate suffocate in certain state of abroad, have an outlet really?

What feel distressed particularly is, the fire of wind wind fire that before a few years many foreign trade companies do during, did not consider " in the winter " also can come. Face the suffocate suffocate of exit, the enterprise is produced greatly too can cannot digest, only way is home market of business transition development, can be our lovely foreign trade enterprise declares at customs besides meeting newspaper, retreat drawback beyond, what to know to you still can be done really? The product of oneself besides in quality probably a little beyond justifiable, from technical research and development, be worth to price of sale of production, management, market, brand, dog service, mix at all those person of the same trades of home are large alligator people cannot make competition, of difference big, tongue of sip making a person, but because manage,the key was returned is of mode adjust, cannot get used to home market and consumer demand at all, the result causes disastrous defeat can be imagined. It is the case that I am known and enterprise of a few foreign trade runs sale in domestic market to fail below. Foreign trade person of the same trades get to make a reference in blind do sth over and over again for those returning:

1, " high intelligence quotient " why is foreign trade enterprise like this mental retardation?

An operation headquarters is set in Shanghai Yan'an east the foreign trade company of office building of road first class, the boss is economics of Stanford of an one's previous experience " chelonian is sent " , fasten have the aid of through closing abroad venture capital, vend foreign entrance in Shanghai beach " medical apparatus and instruments " obtain sudden huge profits. Profit of medical apparatus and instruments how many, have been to a hospital to be done " nuclear magnetic resonance " knew. Accumulated wealth of a huge sum a few years afore, do not believe the rank of what fortune, truly rich advocate it is commonly such: He transfers or of acquisition cash of a huge sum abroad, or passes all sorts of name and method invest in 8 irrelvant industry. For instance produce treatment, estate, content sheds storage, presswork etc, that makes money to do that, and with one action gains a few flood fruit base of countrywide purchase have exclusive selling rights authority, begin to export tinned fruit and treatment to taste to the United States. It is a few well-known food companies of American to do acting work, resemble surelying win the guest wraps around the Huang Tao that uses inside Sa offers completely by them namely. Do you know this enterprise sells Huang Tao one year how to many profit bring only? 60 million!
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