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Cormorant goes on strike

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A flock of cormorant work laboriously follow a fisherman ten years, stand finished one's contributions in work. Do not spend the growth as the age, ability to walk is not agile, the eye is bad also to made, fished amount is less and less. Have to, the fisherman bought a few small cormorant again, the course trains simply, let new old cormorant go to sea together fish. Very fast, the cormorant that buys newly learned fished skill, the fisherman is very glad.

Newcome cormorant very content with one's lot: Did negligible work only, host is so good to oneself, then each works desperately for host. And those a few old cormorant are miserable, eat those who live is further than newcome cormorant difference. Before long, a few old cormorant are thin skinny, be about to die, be killed by host warmed boiling water.

A day, a few young cormorant are abrupt collective strike, each crouchs fore, how does fisherman of at one's convenience drive, also do not agree go into business fishs. The fisherman complains say: "I wait for you not thin ah, let you having fresh and tender small fish everyday, living comfortable shack, still let you rest one day from time to time a long time. You do not consider get one's own back, how so unconscionable! " a young cormorant sends a word: "Master, we are strong now, have eat have drink, but old, still do not fall an end like old like this group cormorant? Still do not fall an end like old like this group cormorant??


Accompanying business management by the extensive of small mill type model be changed to the system and human nature is changed transfer, the demand administrative levels of employee also is rising stage by stage. The job is indispensible no longer plan unripe measure, people pays attention to the safeguard mechanism in the future more and more, and the enjoyment on spirit and " self-fulfilment " . Cormorant from original " have eat have drink " with respect to feel deeply grateful, to the hope " there also is small fish to eat when old put oneself in another's position is weak " , reflected the professional demand of advance gradually. Management of if manpower resource ignored these demand, can bring about finally only " cormorant " the strike.

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