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Liubang is an illiteracy so

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Qin Mo, war rise from all directions, as the ablaze blaze of A room palace, flying smoke of ash of dynasty of the Qin Dynasty destroys.

At this moment, formed group of force of two general trends: The Hunan group that is core with Xiang Yu, be core with Liu Bang Chinese group. In formally, xiang Yu had captured the world, cent is sealed vassal, liu Bang also is what be divided to seal by Xiang Yu is vassal one of.

Before this, liu Bang takes the lead in breach case cereal closes, banned palace of the Qin Dynasty. Had then " grand door banquet " story. After grand door banquet, the first adviser of Xiang Yu model add made a prophecy: "Seize a person that Wang Tian falls, surely abundant is fair also, I is belonged to do it today captive " . Notice right now Liu Bang, forces is not worth Xiang Yu's 1/4, and still do not have Han Xin, flower cloth, Peng to exceed these 3 high-ranking officers right now, it may be said is squab. And Fanzengru this is fatidical, have his reason necessarily.

Xiang Yu seals Liubang to Sichuan to be taken, lead the energy of life of some pretty barren when vogue. If be being believed with Han, tell " the have rendered great service of a Wang Zhu general person, and the Zheng austral Wang Du house, it is change also. " that is to say, this action is a Liu Bang " hair match " . Right now Liu Bang's army " king make soldier 30 thousand people from, hunan and person of vassal admire follower number " , it may be said " the soldier of the numerous rate exhausted fraud with doubt " .

However, after 5 years, liu Bang defeated Xiang Yu, ambuscade with below 700 thousand legionary cloth 10, xiang Yu is completely annihilated.

Liu Bang is an uncouth fellow, culture is not much, do not have even official name. Liu country original name " Liu Ji " , season is the meaning of the 4th, it is so " Liu Laosi " , and " Wang Laowu " distinction of it doesn't matter. Liu Bang's father also stays without the name, know him to cry only " Liu Tai is fair " . According to Liu Bang's one's life experience, he knows the way of what strategics and manage state affairs impossibly, won't know what group to manage a concept more. Why did Liu Bang become a winner? The historian gave out in succession oneself opinion. Affecting the oldest notion is:

Meeting choose and employ persons, and be like from expostulate with stream. Him Liu Bang summary: Han Xin, Xiao He, Zhang Liang, 3 an outstanding personality are his path that win out.

To this viewpoint, I think this is not a reason, however result. If noble of Liu state one's previous experience, itself perch tall weight, there is person of ideals and integrity of a batch of able people below account, it so a few an outstanding personality aid his to succeed is very normal to have so a few an outstanding personalities aid his to succeed. Dan Liubang is an uncouth fellow, nevertheless booth grows one's previous experience, why to believe Zhang Liang like Han such not is the person ability that the world gives driven for its readily?
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