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The Beijing Beijing from 8 months learns management over there little baby

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Hold the high interest of new to new issue environment and strange thing forever, the source that is duty field handler and outstanding entrepreneur progress lays motive force!

Little capital Beijing likes a toy, but the jubilation to toy of each static state is periodic and general the time that has a week only; Or bub can discover after a week more have fun at play meaning, or needs baby father / darling Mom buys new toy; But to similar phone / TV and acoustics remote controller such " toy " having lasting interest all the time; Because phone often is met noisy, and can hear grandmother from handset or grandfather / the dear one such as aunt's different sound; And when playing a remote controller, press, with respect to the commutation of can phonic sound; -- to little capital Beijing character, these toys are happy fountainhead;

The hope tries the nature that strange thing is the mankind so

Beijing Beijing pa manages a result: A first-class staff is a preeminent company even, always must pay close attention to industry and sale environment newest development trend, what perfect pair of company knowledge systems and brand system in time is newer, cannot accomplish with when all takes enterprise and individual is washed out by this environment place likely at any time; What to still wash out just like little capital Beijing too simple, the toy that does not have new value without change is same; Want to be not washed out can ego innovates, it is OK to always increase his by the society " use " or the value of game, this is duty field person's main existent line;

Course of study of success important matter needs large stage

Little capital Beijing does not like to often stay in the home, like a grandma to be being taken go to a village taking a walk; Him performance goes in the village square that likes to sunshine has green to have more child " loud cry " ; Little capital Beijing likes to be paid close attention to, like to have an audience, and it is better that the audience exceeds much position, (this is nodded special along with her father) ; Some children cried on the square of the village, this moment, little capital Beijing is met very likely " loud cry " , and " cry out " the cry that sound can exceed that crying child very likely; It is now inside the village, the person of the Beijing Beijing pa that knows the great reputation inside the industry does not have a few, but the person that knows little capital Beijing is too much; The appellation that I am in a village now is " the father of Beijing of that little capital " ; Because little capital Beijing likes to walk out of small home to see authority, became a village consequently " celebrity " ; If, little capital Beijing does not walk out of a door forever, if little capital Beijing does not participate in the performance of circle of the children inside the village, why is capital of little today capital famous inside the village spend the United States praise degree soar?
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