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Small leopard decides remaining part

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Small leopard always gives him to bring a few little troubles because of his long tail, total him hope does not have that tail. Can lose a tail really when small leopard when, new, bigger trouble appeared however. In our daily business management practice, similar phenomenon often also happens. How to answer?

Mischievous small leopard is growing a long tail inherently, as its body be brought up gradually, its tail is longer and longer also.

Small at ordinary times leopard likes to run in the woods, angle all sorts of puppy, but that its long tail always appears very hinderous. Hanged on branch to delimit today a cut, will be clipped by crotch again tomorrow... anyhow grows a tail because of this, small leopard is troublesome and ceaseless.

When doing not have a thing to work, small leopard often is thinking, if oneself do not have a tail this are much better!

One day, small leopard takes a walk in the forest, discovered a small boar. Small leopard is extremely happy, it had not eaten boar meat very for long. Then it follows stealthily at the back of small boar, take the advantage of small boar carelessly, pounce bit small boar dead in the past. Just when it prepares engorge when, a small tiger appeared. It sees the small boar that is bitten dead by small leopard, came over politely to eat to rise.

To the behavior of small tiger, small leopard is very dissatisfactory, it rose to protect its food and small tiger tussle. Ke Xiaobao is far able-bodied without small tiger, took disadvantageous position before long. Finally by small tiger bite into tail.

Small leopard is extremely angry, it blames the tail that it has bad luck that again. It thinks even, flat let small tiger calculate its bite off, its be a burden on also need not suffer again after oneself in that way.

Then small leopard begins up hill and dale struggle. See small leopard struggles in do all one can, want to cast off oneself, small tiger exerts all his strength, give the tail of small leopard really bite came down.

A pang comes over, small leopard realizes his tail was bitten to come down by small tiger, it is alarmed and happy, boil repeatedly belt climbed the ground to escape.

Consider in fine understand without being told of mom below, the cut of small leopard cicatrizationed very quickly. Think oneself also need not be that long tail to worry about again henceforth, small leopard is extremely happy. Before long, small leopard can take a walk in the forest again. One day, small leopard just came out from the home, discovered a leveret, then its do all one can is chased after to leveret. Did not think of to just ran a few paces, small leopard because lost a balance to strike a tree,go up, leveret seized the opportunity to run away.

Small leopard climbs to try to run again, always can be because of cannot poising trip. The biggest function of long tail of small before leopard can make when run the body of small leopard poises namely. Small now leopard does not have a tail, cannot maintain the balance of the body naturally.
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