How to let stone wave on water?

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Since October 2000, every Saturday in the morning, senior husband should undertake type grooms interacting in sea Er. Chairman of bureau of director of sea Er group holds presiding apparitor Zhang Ruimin and Yang Mianmian of Haierji's round president concurrently is " teacher " , and " teaching material " it is ministry of each product career the market case that produces inside close a week.

Interact when held in July 2002 groom in course, manager of the high level in facing many 70, zhang Ruimin puts forward to interact groomed theme is " advance flow give somebody a new lease on life " , gave above all very picture " brains take a sudden turn " problem: "You say, how to let stone wave on water? How to let stone wave on water??

"Draw out stone empty! " someone cries, zhang Ruimin shakes his head.

"Put stone on board! " Zhang Ruimin says: "Without board! "Without board!!

"Make a false stone! " everybody the whole room burst into laughter. Zhang Ruimin says: "Stone is true. "Stone is true..

Right now, yuzi of vice president of sea Er group amounts to satori: "It is speed! "It is speed!!

Ground of resolute and decisive says Zhang Ruimin: "Be correct! " he says then: "" grandchildren strategics " on have a such words: " the disease that stimulates water, as to the person that bleach stone, situation also ' . Speed can make the stone of heavy waves. Same, in informatization times, speed is deciding the success or failure of the enterprise. Give somebody a new lease on life of sea Er flow is about the demand that with faster response market rate satisfies global user. Give somebody a new lease on life of sea Er flow is about the demand that with faster response market rate satisfies global user..

The philosophic theory of the story

Speed decides success or failure!

A lot of a man of insight think: In the competitive environment of ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, should not aim at first shoot again, after shooting first however, aim at. This word sounds is mad word it seems that, but also spoke a truth: Today's enterprise is done decision-making, the most crucial is speed. Summary sea Er succeeds from what what at the beginning of developing, obtain to today experience, among them a the mainest factor is " speed is sent get the better of " .

Comment on

Business management does not lack theory. Yield theory not float at the surface, comprehend its marrow truly, undertake to fulfilling the job science coachs then, just be commendable. Of Zhang Zong groom the example that lives daily through base oneself upon, announced the essence of simple phenomenon backside, rise to business management height for the foundation with this, guidance works actually.

Marching in the process of PC market, sea Er was experienced deeplier " speed is sent get the better of " meaning, this story also makes the classic case that our interior often studies. In intense IT competition, sea Er computer relies on speed to live, 2005, be speed computer of help sea Er realized a leap, preliminary established the position in PC market.
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