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The incentive story of half banana

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Pupil writes a composition, a little boy writes: After be brought up, my ideal is when circus wagon clown. The commment of Chinese teacher is: Have no ambition at all. And the commment of American teacher is: Wish you bring a whole world laughter. A few days ago, courtyard MBA learns in Zhejiang university economy advanced grind on long class, bark of expert of senior manpower resource was elaborating a truth with vivid case greatly: One organizes different administrative style, in relating a story as going up, sino-US teacher's different comment is same, can achieve completely different incentive result. An outstanding controller, want to learn how to use better administrative way to condense outstanding talent.

Make gun and the distinction that fight

"Dozen gun and fight what distinction is there? " Wang Dazheng explains to everybody, making a gun is professional behavior, technology behavior, individual behavior; And fighting is an organization behavior, group action can say even is administrative action.

The person with accurate marksmanship can be become crack shot, so can crack shot become a commander? "Not certain. What the commander asks is capability of technology of integrated ability far outclass, include for example quality, got grievance can be dissolved automatically, the person that is engaged in supervising the work must have this. Others scolded you, misunderstood you, you cannot put down carry pole with its load says not to work. " Wang Dazheng speaks of, do administrative person, what kind of person gets a contact, must portray very good disposition, quality and style so. Make the human case stand or fall of the product, with whether to make a product did not concern. But, administrative style matters with disposition. So if regard crack shot as commander, this is the mistake that makes easily.

Wang Dazheng citing says, associate the group lets all cadres that carry newly attend a specific company to teach, and at the beginning of assuming office, certainly person specially assigned for a task is being taken, "Send mount a horse, help one Cheng up " . Because individual capability is very strong, do not represent can come out the ability play of others, management needs to have leader power. "Professional ability of original other people is very strong, the result is carried did not work how long, major did not do well, management also did not do well. Oneself also can lose confidence finally. Oneself also can lose confidence finally..

Ability is not drunk more in the grandma, and selling more

"I know the manageress of a foreign enterprise, disposition is very strong, have some of arrogant and domineering even. She often wants policy to her branch to the boss. The boss ever said for fun to her, I discover you arrive which branch, that branch becomes important immediately rose. Actually, in this boss heart, not be this true manageress the section that go is significant, it is her important. If the boss often gives individual branch resource, can cause company interior psychology is lopsided. Can cause company interior psychology is lopsided..
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