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The administrative enlightenment of bee and fly

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The bee in nature and fly are we are not familiar with those who pass again, let us do a test to them. In if install 6 bees and 6 fly,taking bottle of a glass, make the same score bottle next put, let bottom forward window, what situation can you produce?

We can see, the bee keeps wanting to find outlet on bottom, arrive all the time drop dead of their force exhaust or starved to death; And fly can not be in in dichotomy bell, the bottleneck that crosses another end escapes one sky. In fact, because the bee is opposite,love brilliantly, as a result of their intelligence, the bee just died.

The bee thinks, the exit of prison cell is in the place with the brightest light necessarily, they keep repeating this kind of logical move. To the bee, glass is a kind of numinous mysterious substance, they never have the aerosphere that has encountered this kind to cannot penetrate suddenly in nature; And their intelligence is taller, this kind of strange obstacle appears more cannot be accepted and baffling.

Those foolish fly are right the logistic a person of extraordinary powers of the thing is not had advertent, disregard smooth attraction right-down, 4 chaos are strung together, the result is hit by accident bump into the ground to touch by accident went up lucky gas, these are shallow-brained person always be in wisdom person the place of die out is rescued smoothly. Accordingly, fly is able to discover that exit that flee for one's life finally, acquire freedom and new life accordingly.

To business management person, maintain the achievements of one's predecessors and innovation all through the ages is a bank that is placed before them. On one hand, we emphasize everybody working according to regulation, and when following regulation because of everybody just about on the other hand, creativity can choke. The regulation here namely the logic that place of the bee in bottle stands fast, and the ending that stand fast is death. The uncertainty of ambiguous sex of management, management, government changes, course of study already made the number one task that current business faces. Uncertainty will become a kind of when afflict a company chronic illness for a long time.

Cannot anticipate what the environment that the industry survives may change from whack suddenly, inconceivable, baffling, the bee in the enterprise people meet at any time the wall of the glass that dash against does not have legal principle analogy. The leader's job gifts namely this kind of change with rationality, find out the way that leads an enterprise to walk out of the crisis.

The United States second erupt suddenly what borrow the crisis, make it causes violent impact to global economy. And Chinese manufacturing industry and foreign trade enterprise also are to be killed by its. Face the mutation of so tremendous market environment, if we still resemble a bee same persist one's old ways, what cause a company necessarily then is downfallen go bankrupt even. Of fly alleged hit by accident bump by accident, exacter for should be one kind tries hard and search, it is one kind breaks free from conventions more thinking and logic. In company operation and management, are we to resemble fly still thinking a bee all the time in that way all the time after all in that way?
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