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If why treat the employee of disobedient management?

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Shao Xiaojiang is manager of a branch, take-over this branch does not have a month, he is done distractedly by the thing of an old following recently.

It is his allegation below: "When I become an officer, the job holds out my assistant Wu Wei hard, but self-restrained force is too poor - good bet. I am promoted to be manager of learn on job, he also litre of director of of course. during becoming an officer, divert company public fund is discovered to tell the director at that time by me plum, but as a result of plum be about to move, put him to become a benign and uncontentious person who is indifferent to matters of principle one horse.

Wu Hai lends money to at hand employee, do wholy sectional complaint is too much, do not wish to borrow be hit to press by him force a few. After I discover, say with the manager, the manager does good person again, but also must move him to a small department. Before long plum tone went, I became his personal enemy, after I become a director, his job is not active, without reason is late leave early, day sky class cannot find people, do not know to run which went. He has Dan Yongyuan reason, do not catch dead evidence, he is won't admit a fault...

Catch his fault, also be a pair of indifferent manner, otherwise lets my amerce, other what does otherwise punish. Because of him the job is done bad, communicate also have a problem, I also do not want to say more with him. This wanting that punish him with company system, he gives demote after punishment became much, prepare to fall him to lowermost layer. But he what fault does not admit now, have reason forever! The job cannot finish on time, he says nobody tells when to be handed in; Arrived next dots go person, also do not greet sb with me.

I want to be communicated with the manager really, notifier thing or lets him go person, or gives him demote. But I also am to just came up, always feel such doing to be able to make a manager not quite good to my impression, but if it were not for of my predecessor indulgent, he also won't more and more egregious, I also look for him to had talked for many times, but trashy. After I say, he still can seek too much ground, he now is the Yue Yong that jump over defeat! ! ! ! ~ goes down so, I am irritated died...

Do not know why he is right predecessor director very be afraid of, but be indifferent to namely to me. The ace of the field that ask office gives directions to me " .

Comment on:

Such human affairs problem has certain typical sex inside the enterprise, I think from the viewpoint that elaborates oneself to accidental order necessarily.

The inevitability that it appears looks in light of us above all, be in this company that is to say, this sectional manager feels a head to ache for problem of this kind of human affairs, the manpower resource that its germ depends on this company manages the flaw with systematic larger presence, for instance:
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