Most of American electron rubbish flows into China

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An U.N. environment plans a report to point out, annual the United States has 50 % to be exported to the electronic rubbish of 80 % about Asia, basically be to export China. Silicon Valley prevents toxicant to pledge an allied report also says, the United States produces electronic rubbish every year to be as high as 7 billion - 8 billion tons, the old computer that falls into disuse only among them has about 300 million, additionally 100 million mobile phones discard as useless. These electronic rubbish most flow into China.
Relevant statistic number shows, the electronic equipment waste material that the whole world produces every year is as high as 20 million to reach 50 million tons, and with annual 3 % grow to the speed of 8 % .
Current, germany produces electronic rubbish every year 1.8 million tons, france is 1.5 million tons, whole Europe makes an appointment with 6 million tons. Japan discards every year home appliance 18 million, weight amounts to 600 thousand tons, contain all sorts of metals among them 100 thousand tons. The electronic rubbish that the whole world produces every year has 80 % to flow into an Asia, china becomes heavy disaster area.
Carry poisonous rubbish to the developing country to control western country, international society made a series of joint pledge. But, what can not prevent electronic rubbish effectively up to now is current.