The potential of market of India of exit of textile of Chinese family expenses i

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Indian home spins the main competitor that is exit of textile of Chinese family expenses all the time, but on the other hand, indian home spins market potential bigger. Especially in last few years, many Indian homes spin trafficker to begin to come to China to purchase the home spin things. Although can be consumed truly in India " family expenses spin " the number is not much, but resemble China " the middle class " the Indian middle class that expanding increasingly euqally takes seriously more and more " domestic soft adornment " , they also more product of preference foreign country. Among them " substantial " Chinese home is spun is right choice. Is that China home spun what should export India to should notice? Above all, come to China purchase an Indian businessman that spins a product to be middleman and trafficker more for the most part. Accordingly " ceaseless " demand a low price it is their idiomatic method in order to acquire the largest interest. Exorbitant price can be frightened only run these " Indian guest " . Next, of the Indian astute also be world-famous, but " love has an insatiable desire for bit of petty gain " Indian businessman also now and then meeting " try to save a little but lose a lot " . Additional, l/C (immediate irrevocable L/C) the most reliable payment that remains exit India.