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The China after two years may import a country into the oldest oil

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Yesterday learns from chamber of commerce of imports and exports of Chinese mechanical and electrical products, to 2020, power installed capacity of China will reach 1.186 billion kilowatt hour, exceed the United States, make the world the biggest generate electricity big country. It is reported, the electric power of level of first international of Chinese and oil natural gas exhibit meeting and forum of height of the sources of energy settle Guangzhou, exhibit meeting general in September 2 ~ are in 4 days Pa continent international exhibition center is held, enterprise of domestic and international energy group heavyweight will be joined exhibit.

Bead trigonometry has nearly one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two

Energy project finds a married woman's parents' home

This electric power exhibits sponsor square world authoritative electric power to exhibit can sponsor orgnaization expert analysis, china has become the mainest oil on the international market to buy one of homes, to 2010, china may become world the biggest oil to taste entrance country, china searchs oil supplier and the sources of energy than allowing when to be awaited before more actively in the whole worldInvestmentOpportunity.

In addition, guangdong is one of province of insecurity of countrywide electric power, if this area cannot be supplied in the sources of energy, mint investment is managed above reserve, energy shortage will be affectedEconomyDevelop continuously, according to observation, at present bead trigonometry area is valuable the project related more than 100 billion dollar and the sources of energy awaits investment.

Be being exhibited this can be the chance that big wrist of the sources of energy of China and foreign countries deepens the collaboration in energy field undoubtedly. Can sponsor the square Pennwell of one to be able to postpone chief inspector Introduction GlennEnsor according to exhibiting, current, foreign capital exists to investing power market of China two be anxious greatly, be opposite in view of China the driving demand of the exploitation strength of coal and electric coal, foreign capital whether obtaining enough coal to supply is one of anxious problems. In addition, because Chinese government is controlling the sale electrovalency of terminal. Accordingly, generate electricity to deny report to arrive on electrovalency instinctively, also put in not certain factor. Nevertheless, he expresses, borrow this to extend the scope of the meeting, come from global expert and company high level, can undertake discussing to the problem that exists in collaboration, solve.

Be in China, no matter be power market, still be oil exploitation, refine is changed and wholesale, retail market, governmental respect set high threshold to foreign capital, be aimed at this kind of forestall, glennEnsor expresses, this is not Chinese place is particular, current, not only the energy industry that China dominates foreign capital to invest home, each country on the world takes such way, and, from long-term in light of, it remains the trend of development.
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