Our country becomes Argentine the biggest dress to import origin country

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The report that occupies institute of Argentine industry economy 24 days to announce, china has replaced Brazil this year, become Argentine the biggest dress to import origin country.

The number that custom of report cite Argentina provides says, chinese dress product imports the proportion year after year in dress to rise in Argentina, from 2005 11.3% 17.5% what increase to last year, rise to 34.1% considerably again this year. And the proportion of Brazilian dress criterion from 2005 27.2% drop 16.2% this year.

The report says, as a result of Brazilian money Leiyaer appreciates considerably this year, raised Brazil to export product value, affected dress to export. And Chinese dress product has price advantage not only, there was bigger promotion before quality also compares a few years, because this is in,the share of Argentine costume market increases ceaselessly.

The report shows, before this year 10 months, argentine dress imports the forehead to be 186 million dollar, than last year the corresponding period increases 10% the left and right sides; Dress exports the forehead to be 69.5 million dollar, increase compared to the same period 8.6% .