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Stock plan: Hock travel and brand of dress passing s surname

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Stock issue is a when perplex clothing company big question all the time. Mr Zhang that be an official does dress business solved inventory problem not only, still rely on these inventory to obtain an enterprise to develop the current fund of a need further.

How is this to return a responsibility after all? The clothing that so he did not sell last quarters mortgages hock goes, get current fund, purchase immediately should season dress, make unused dress had the land of use force not only so, more make he dish lived capital, extended business. The lot that Mr Zhang goes with hock is accidental, individual, can you still push reach more clothing companies? Hock went to whether already became clothing company " does financing go " ? The Guo Zong that hock of an ancient name for China goes tells a reporter, really clothing company mortgages dress of on one season hock goes now, capital of rapid assemble more, promoted a business benign development.

Hock becomes all right " first-aid station "

The Guo Zong that hock of an ancient name for China goes tells this station the reporter, the type of hock is divided roughly now it is two kinds, one kind is consumption hock, one kind is investment hock, former be in the majority with individual behavior, latter happens at medium and small businesses more. Consumption hock history is longer, behavior is more frequent also. New 1987 China appears the first hock goes, at that time, the electric home appliances

As our country economy development is sent more active, medium or small demesne the enterprise is increasing, business of hock travel investment mortgage got certain development. The Guo Zong that goes according to hock of an ancient name for China introduces, the company that Beijing has name relatively a little comes hock has made mortgage all right. Jin Madian should be in charge of Miss Yang of business to tell a reporter all right, some joint ventureses, all capital throw production, foreign capital collects home regularly, because foreign capital collects person home to be changed into people city to have cycle of a time again, domestic existing fund appears have enough to meet need is painful, then they found hock travel, overshoot easily difficulty.

Some closer year, garment industry development is rapidder, small clothing company is added gradually in much, however inventory gives in small clothing company brings constant capital pressure, the enterprise needs to explore a kind of better financing method, and hock also should extend business actively all right. Bilateral mutual demand, produced appeal, the dress of clothing company stock also walked into hock travel.
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