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Spin dress: Brand cent sells summary of mode international forum

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In April 16-17 day, cent of 2008 fashionable brands sells forum of mode innovation international to be held in Beijing. In recent years, chinese dress, adorn article, gem, cosmetic, motion is recreational wait for fashionable consumable market to present a state that rises tantivy, retail market appeared a few marked change. Commercial pattern, cent sells construction of channel, terminal to become outstanding heat, the theme of forum basically is managed around chain, compose builds the quick response system of fashionable industry to undertake.

According to the topic for discussion of forum, we assign main content into 3 parts:

One, management teachs you to shake below advisory orgnaization a ready source of money money art

Wei Lishi of CBRE world nation: Global business market is seen without exception.

1, global estate market: The commercial spot with the top price on the world is American new York the 5th highway, 1408 dollars / smooth rice / month; Before the commercial spot with Asian top price 3 it is respectively greatly: The annulus in Japan, Hong Kong, with Guangzhou the Milky way.

2, shopkeeper becomes more internationalization: Before business of company whole world of division Er Buddhist nun grows an index 3 big countries are India, Russia, China respectively, rich rate of China rises ceaselessly; 5 years appraisal is Chinese business market 832 billion dollar, come to will expand 2010 to 3.53 trillion dollar; China has had main brand to permeate, for instance ZARA, H&M, MNG, VERO MODA, the whole world lasts the brand of great attention, for instance GAP, HMV, BODY SHOP; International brand emerges in China classification the situation strategy that change: Shanghai 54% , beijing 18% , guangzhou 15% , shenzhen, Chengdu, Tianjin, Hangzhou is 2% .

UTA vogue runs a group: How to sell business from brand cent the key to transition of part of professional brand shopkeeper.

Consumable can be divided kinds big to be 4: Luxury, classical kind, sudden popularity kind, jumbly kind. Consider oneself to belong to what category first above all, decide suitable retail pattern again.

1, luxury: Need the severe test of the process that is born below specific history condition and industrial civilization, china has historical culture, but fail the course that commercializes them.

2, classical kind: Apply to Push Model, the brand must be the sponsor of the market and popular trend; From order goods delivery needs 10-11 month; Seasonal offer money: Annual two season () of Chun Xia, Qiu Dong; Basically undertake wholesale.

3, sudden popularity kind: Apply to Pull Model, brand must the trend of follow closely vogue; Goods period is very short, only 2-3 month; Update every week, every season 25 series; Basically undertake retail.

4, jumbly kind: From order goods production matchs goods to need 6-7 about month.

2, channel supplier: General merchandise bazaar

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