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Polyester factory reduction of output falls negative no time to delay

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The person that the expression of prices of domestic dacron filament continues to hitting market industry last week is already exhausted the nerve that can'ts bear infirmly, although the produce and sale of POY product is in,later period appears last week improve, the produce and sale of partial plant rises to 100% , tall person achieve even 150% , but this can not change whole filament market level low confused fact, trends of market price case shows, as a result of produce and sale not free, polyester factory is faced with bilge the library is dangerous, centre of gravity of value of product of polyester fibber filament appeared generally last week 100-200 yuan / ton drop. In April in this traditional textile busy season, prices of polyester fibber filament walks out of shade line continuously, make people right the market prospect of later period even already the feeling of heart unripe fear.

Cent product looks, with base of produce and sale of filament of domestic main dacron Cheng Ze is exemple, production and marketing of product of this market POY improves somewhat last week, but product value did not appear however rise, the reason that produce and sale improves is to suffer effect of place of policy of sales promotion of a few manufacturer. But compare POY, product of FDY, DTY continues to bearing however last week price quantity goes to suffer lowly, its produce and sale maintains the level that becomes the left and right sides in 6-8 more last week, because stock of this DTY whole rises generally already,arrive to more than 20 days above of a month, FDY product also reachs half many litres on average to differ or so months to more than 20 days. Product value respect, end last weekend, cheng Ze market each product quotes as follows: DTY 75D/36F is 15000-15300 yuan / ton, DTY 75D/72F(small network) for 16100-16400 yuan / ton, DTY 75D/144F is 16300-16500 yuan / ton, DTY 150D/288F is 15200-15500 yuan / ton. FDY 50D/24F is 14200-14800 yuan / ton, FDY 63D/24F is 13300-13800 yuan / ton, FDY 75D/36F is 12800 yuan / ton, FDY 150D/96F is 12400 yuan / ton. POY 75D/36F is 13300 yuan / ton, POY 75D/72F is 13200 yuan / ton.

Look from the market environment that at present polyester fibber filament faces, its do not lack cost of upriver raw material prop up. If expression of near future of international crude prices is very driving, moving to developing capital to pull under, history of crude price break is new April tall, contract of futures of crude oil of 3 WTI5 month goes up last week 1.14 dollars come 114.93 dollars / bucket, achieve the history again new tall, achieve since going out to roll out crude oil futures from 1983 highest. Get crude price is new high support, oil redundant produce is like the product such as MX, PX to be behaved likewise not common, if PX product is propped up in raw material and oneself supply and demand is main below the circumstance that face happening changes very strong also, in May PX the contract quoted price of supplier of a few big main trends builds up in 1350-1390 dollar / ton, the supplier puts character to be in even future the price of the 1300 dollars in two months time will be price of its psychology bottom line. The house of PX price gives PTA market high to deliver gave a few positive signal, because PTA produced the cost of business to be as high as 1000 dollars in April / ton, the executive price even if of contract money is in at present low confused city is afraid below the path also won't under 980 dollars / ton, suffer this to expect an impact, last week inside and outside dish PTA price stops drop firm, like PTA inside dish the price is in last weekend when stability of closing quotation price is in 7750-7800 yuan / ton, outside dish stability of market price case was in 965-975 dollar / ton, epicycle PTA inside and outside dish the price is in on develop 8000 yuan, 1000 dollars / ton later happen do not adjust give an accident to ought to say to be finished already basically.
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