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Demand of Russia vegetable can is exuberant

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Russia vegetable produces per year ability pottedly to estimate for 5. 600 million canister. In nearly 3 ― the growth rate of potted market will achieve vegetable of the Russia in time of 5 years every year 30 % of 25 % ―, value of market total prices reachs 1.5 billion dollar. According to statistic, russia vegetable imported a product to occupy 80 % on potted market. 2005, russia was imported 38. 70 thousand tons of vegetable are potted. At present Russia the potted market of 90 % is mixed by France, Wukelan control of Hungarian potted production business.

Potted exit measures Russia vegetable to import a quantity to compare very little together. It is reported, in vegetable of Russia of before 2005 9 months potted export volume is 4200 tons. Major outcome points to Kazakstan Si Tan and Wukelan. Toward Kazakstan 2005 Si Tan's exit occupies vegetable can to export the 64 % of gross, wu Kelan is 30 % . Market of Russia vegetable can by former juice can (the 50 % that take vegetable and potted market) , fastfood can (the 19 % that take vegetable and potted market) , lunch is potted (the 9 % that take vegetable and potted market) , can of acetic be soiled (the 12 % that take vegetable and potted market.

France " ь of л of э of ю of д of Б о н " the precede person that vegetable can is Russia vegetable can undoubtedly, the Russia family of 76 % is in this kind of vegetable can edible, it is Hungarian next " round-the-world " vegetable can, the Russia family of about 38 % is in edible.

Normally, the sale status of vegetable can is in winter is best, be in Russia also is same, the demand highest peak of potted food is commonly arrived in December second year in January. In the summer it is sale trough, but the potted product sale that also has individual and potted sort can grow somewhat, advocate the product that if facilitate,carries. According to expert estimation, be in Russia, vegetable and potted demand is bigger is Siberia area each are big city. Russian can market sells a trend

The expert points out, from the point of market sale angle, the sale in can of Russia pea, corn is the biggest, it is fruit of cucumber, olive and banana can next. The demand of kidney bean can is increasing. In a few years of in the past, the sale of can of pea, corn grows continuously. Almost the family of 90 % should buy pea can, the family of 80 % buys corn can. Current, assorted vegetable is potted the share that holds in selling gross already from 2003 the 15 % first half of the year fall to 10 % . Investigation shows, fruit of the last few years (banana, peach, apricot) potted market share lasts enlarge is added, chinese olive fruit also is such.

Additional, normally special attention considers business of Russia homeland production element of manufacturing treatment base. Base of adjacent to can raw material is crucial factor -- vegetable plucks from big canopy the process that comes down to make vegetable can is jumped over fast, the quality of finished product is better, the vitamin in food also can be withheld morer. Accordingly, the factory draws near directly agricultural production base is very important. Chinese vegetable can exports foreground
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