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How to identify dress of true and false to approve hairnet to stand

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It is true that a dress approves hairnet to stand move, roughly OK from below a few respects are judged.

1, center of announcement column, visitors' book, news

These places are the place of jobber and client communication, if a website moves normally, these places have new content for certain. A lot of websites are met in keeping the goods number that deliver goods in announcement column, convenient client inquires.

2, picture style

If a website is operated by true jobber, so he comes into stock for certain, his picture should be he takes a picture for the most part, tonal and this find a view from the picture, OK judgement style is unified. Very simple, same individual takes a picture, the style agrees basically.

Say additionally, do not believe the picture of script of brilliant the Han that take day too, those pictures are borrowed mostly, and, tell from realistic point of view, a busy jobber, do those beautification at all without time, if a piece of picture is him with one's own hands beautification arrives that degree, want ten minutes at least, this goes up in great quantities to goods, it is undeserved that goods changes that energy is spent for big jobber.

Still have, a website whether the primitive and local picture that provides goods, this also is the one action that judges true bogus. If oneself take a picture the photograph, local should have the sort of not the primitive picture of classics processing.

3, see goods have invariant

If do good network purposely to cooperate, do not be eager to cooperating with a website, can collect this website, take care observation for some time, the integral goods that sees him is fluctuant. Very simple, if jobber business is good, goods is ceaseless pass in and out, have what go up newly, have expunge, sometimes if involve certain money because of order and without goods, add a specification possibly, or delete a picture only and withhold advertisement.

A website if goods always is changing, so demonstrative somebody is operated painfully in constant give a lot of care. Cheater website won't give so much labor power normally, their website is invariable normally, this involves the issue of a cost, if he does not have goods to must pay so much energy to safeguard a website everyday again however, be inferior to doing cheater and become sincere letter trader.

Ah, I think of with respect to this tripartite face, still for certain other methods are judged, hope tall person complements ceaselessly, expecting network dress is wholesale career can shape up, bring a kind of new management way for store of vast bulk clothing.

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