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International purchases business to intensify searching " China is made " home a

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"We brought our product, want to sell in China originally, the result became however will buy a product! " the chief Hitendra of Indian Bhalaria company is laughing at say. On exposition of electric home appliances
In India, bhalaria company basically produces kitchen and bar appliance, fittings of small home appliance also is one of data that this company needs. On exposition, hitendra visited raise carefully child, wait for an enterprise beautifully reveal, and to the Anhui province company of a few kitchenware and production of home appliance fittings generated strong interest.

"I had been reached with 5 China enterprise purchase product intent, only poor now last lot was made an appointment with! " to these " China is made " quality, hitendra showed faith, put forward to hope further " China is made " also can take good after service India, purchase Chinese product with enterprise of more convenient India.

According to preliminary count, in one of exposition content " product international purchases home appliance to negotiate with investment meeting " on, only 56 when come from 23 countries are purchased morning business and in square 150 ginseng exhibited an enterprise to undertake negotiating, reach commerce intent amount to have 38 million dollar about.

Expectation of limited company of equipment of general dark engineering is in famous British soup negotiate oneself are on the meeting " find appropriate Chinese supplier " . The company that comes round to be in charge of negotiating shows on behalf of Frank, the product quality that produces than the other country such as the Japan on market of world electric home appliances
"Design more actor, quality is better, plus the quote advantage that purchases business care, the home appliance product that we make to China has very tall expectation, the hope is found here can the product that redemptive England sells. " Frank tells a reporter. Mention home appliance brand of China, he spoke thing of sea Er, flourish to amount to at a heat, a string of name such as beautiful water chestnut.

Because purchase finished product home appliance to answer native sale to need pay more taxes, a few abroad purchase business to return more apt to purchase the material such as a large number of fittings in China, go back to the motherland outfit machine, sale. Of Airfel of production company of Turkey air conditioning negotiate busy move and an another China enterprise represent controller chat, adepter Chinese makes he and in square delegate is communicated it is easy to rise a lot of, achieve what one wishes finally the ground was reached purchase intent.

Face international to purchase the enthusiasm of business, chinese enterprise also gave positive response, express to expect to be able to infiltrate the product in succession international market.
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