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Fair of Chinese imports and exports rolls out series measure put forth effort to

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October of Guangzhou of China News Service 16 days of report (Zhuo Lin) to balance foreign trade imports and exports, china the first exhibit -- Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise (wide hand in meeting) be in the 101st, introduce an entrance. 102 more give aid to the entrance postpones development, support ginseng of course of study of condition foreign enterprise to exhibit, rolled out a series of measure for this.

Wide hand in Xu Bing of meeting news spokesman to say to this summary, according to the Chinese entertain a guest traditional, wide hand in meeting general to exhibit a ginseng of deal out entrance best to postpone business, extend price privilege to joining, hold a series of chairs, guide an entrance to exhibit business to develop the way of Chinese market.

Above all, this second wide hand in meeting exhibit best those who leave a foreign country be on sale business. The reporter is exhibited today exhibit an area, see brightly lit of the lights inside field, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out, the foreign country of all sorts of styles exhibits a your person to find everything new and fresh. Reporter immediately visited the many countries ginseng such as England, Malaysia, Sudan, Korea to postpone business, they all express special to the establishment inside field satisfaction.

Next, the entrance exhibits an area to be in exhibit a price to go up give the ginseng outside the condition to postpone business special privilege, be opposite among them Sudan, Nepalese wait for nine U.N. to announce least of all the developed country gives avoid accept the privilege that extends a cost, the ginseng of other country and area exhibits business to press a price 7.5 lose privilege.

The reporter interviewed Sudan to exhibit the controller of business in the spot, this they brought 78 kinds to feed category and produce kind item on display, two days come, purchase business to already amounted to more than 30 to what they express interest, commercial collaboration is in farther consultative in. And come from the Nepalese adornment that exhibited business to bring rich people characteristic and gift, gain the favour that purchases business domestic and internationally likewise.

Of the most fetching eyeball, entrance of nothing is more... than exhibits the high-end product in the area. Cross the bold horse SUV of 1 million, bright red Xue Fulan racing bike, the item on display of high-end science and technology such as the large bath crock like the swimming-pool exhibits an area to shine brilliantly in the entrance, attract not little purchase personnel to stop watch.

Will join the Malaysia that exhibit to exhibit business to say to the reporter on behalf of Mr Li for the first time, what this they bring is hardware furniture kind product, because be exhibited to be joined first, the product style that brings so is more, the purpose is to pass wide hand in can know Chinese market more, the commodity that is oneself walks out of to lead to Chinese market " bright road " .
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